Representative Cohen Moves To Block Free Speech

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Columbia, MO December 9, 2010 – News of FEMA camps proves too much for prime time as TruTV has been coerced to pull the Police State Episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. The episode, which featured Alex Jones, Catherine Bleish, John Bush and Camp FEMA Director William Lewis, talked about many things, but the one fact that seems to have caused the biggest trouble for Ventura and TruTV is FEMA camps.

Troubled by the blatant omission of the episode in reruns, Camp FEMA Producer Gary Franchi said, “They have only fanned the flames and brought greater attention to the issue. It’s an admission to the truth about FEMA camps in America.” Jones, on his radio program InfoWars, said that he was at liberty to speak about part of the cover-up. He says Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen “sent letters to Time Warner. He sent letters to the subdivision, TruTV” and he even managed to get “the ADL involved behind the scenes.”

Toward the end of the program in question, Ventura speaks to Cohen about the legislation, HR 645, The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act. Cohen seemed not to recognize the bill until Ventura presented him with a copy, on camera.

In response to Ventura and the Police State episode, Cohen took a Southern Poverty Law Center-type stance in his scathing Op Ed for Roll Call on December 7, 2010 in which he stated, “…when the media purposely distort the facts to create confusion and mislead people, they must be held accountable.” Franchi stated, “The censorship of TruTV almost mirrors the attack levied against our film Camp FEMA: American Lockdown by the Southern Poverty Law Center after it’s broadcast on PBS.”

Cohen wrote that the legislation he “co-sponsored with my colleagues, H.R. 645, which has never even passed out of a subcommittee” would be used to “establish emergency operations centers to share information and provide assistance in case of emergencies and natural disasters.” That part is true, but what Cohen conveniently forgets to mention is that this sort of thing has happened before in the United States, and it wasn’t as innocent as he claims.

Lewis and Franchi remind viewers, in their documentary Camp FEMA, that American citizens have already been the victims of internment, as more than two-thirds of those interned during World War II in the United States were, in fact, American citizens. Internment camp survivor, Sam Ozaki, gives a chilling account of what happened while in the facilities. “…when Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, we were all rounded up like cattle and placed into America’s concentration camps.” Ozaki reminds viewers “they called them Assembly Centers.” A newscaster at the time stated that these assembly centers were “bounded by a wire fence and guarded by military police.” Ozaki remembers that “at least 10 persons shot and killed by American guards” for getting too close to the fences surrounding the encampment.

Ventura, along with Jones, and Lewis and Franchi, simply want to know, if these are for emergencies and natural disaster, why would there be barbed wire facing toward the facility, keeping people in, and why on military bases?

Since the release of Camp FEMA: American Lockdown and Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2 and the one airing of the Ventura/TruTV Police State episode, Lewis and Franchi have received e-mails telling of peculiar behavior in several areas of the country. Most notably, the Charlotte, NC area, where there are several “guard towers” going up all over the city, but especially near vacant warehouses. Some were even going up near football stadiums. He even noticed towers going up in Virginia, as well. One person speaks of FEMA building on to every exposed area at a school in his area in Kansas. Another writes that a major facility to be shared by the Armed Forces, National Guard and “emergency housing for FEMA” is being built near a major artery in Wichita, KS.

Cohen and the government are bent on covering up any of this information and demonizing anyone who speaks out about it. Lewis and Franchi have already been targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center and CNN in what can only be described as damage control. Lewis states. “The harder they try to cover this up, the more apparent it becomes. FEMA camps are a reality in the United States of America and Representative Cohen’s actions prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

For more information on the two FEMA documentary films and to view the trailers, please visit http://CampFEMA.Com.

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