Twitter Responds to Wikileak Censorship Allegation

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The suspicion surrounding Twitter‘s censoring of the “Wikileaks” topic from trending comes on the heels of PayPal‘s admission that they caved under governmental pressures and stopped handling Wikileaks’ donation payments. Amazon also stopped hosting the Wikileaks site last week, presumably succumbing to the same governmental scrutiny.

Twitter posted:

This week, people are wondering about WikiLeaks, with some asking if Twitter has blocked #wikileaks, #cablegate or other related topics from appearing in the list of top Trends.

The answer: Absolutely not. In fact, some of these terms, including #wikileaks and #cablegate, have previously trended either worldwide or in specific locations.

Sometimes, popular terms don’t make the Trends list because the velocity of conversation isn’t increasing quickly enough, relative to the baseline level of conversation happening on an average day; this is what happened with #wikileaks this week.

My opinion:

Balderdash! We all know damn well that Twitter felt the heat from The Fed, and they caved just like the others. There is no way in the world that #wikileaks was not a trending topic world-wide, and that people from every corner of the globe were not spreading the story like wildfire on Twitter. This is censorship to the Nth degree.

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5 comments on “Twitter Responds to Wikileak Censorship Allegation
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  2. Sajib says:

    If it wasn’t censored, then I’m happy. At least they didn’t go the same way PayPal, MasterCard and others did.

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