Hefner Promises No Censorship of Playboy iPad App

Source: Silicon Republic – By John Kennedy

Iconic US publisher Hugh Hefner, who recently regained control of the publishing empire he founded, has promised that when Playboy makes its way to the iPad, it will be uncensored.

Hefner, who bought back 30pc of the Playboy publishing empire on 10 January, believes technology could help reverse the company’s decline.

In recent months, Irish gaming entrepreneur Dylan Collins’ company, Jolt, which is part-owned by global retail games empire GameStop, developed a social-gaming app called Playboy Party for Facebook targeted at 18-35-year-old men with disposable incomes.

Playboy‘s (cyber) Enterprises

The company has also begun producing hard drives packed with PDF back issues of the adult magazine.

Hefner made the announcement yesterday on Twitter, despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ proclamations that he doesn’t intend to allow any porn on the iOS platform.
In his tweet, Hefner said in reply to a question: “Yes, all the back issues of Playboy will be available on iPad, and current issues, as well.”

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