Word Play After The Tuscon Tragedy Now On Over-Sensitive Censorship?

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Political correctness on steroids?
Tucson tragedy has sent us on word censorship and political correctness overdrive?

January 19, 2011]—–As usual, we are doing the same old dance of over-reacting to a tragedy. What happened in Tuscon, Arizona, was horrific by anyone’s standards, except maybe terrorists.

Emotions are understandably raw but aren’t we letting that emotion lead us in the wrong direction? I’m talking about the informal censorship some are imposing on our speech. Which words are now deemed inappropriate to use and which ones are permissible?

It now seems the First amendment is dueling the Second Amendment and the real debate we should be having has gotten lost on wordplay.

The Republicans have dubbed the healthcare reform bill, that ‘job-killing’ bill. They have since changed it to the’ job crushing or something silly like that. The fact that that label is out-right false is lost on the masses. The debate is now whether the word ‘killing’ is inappropriate– not in terms of not being factual, but because it might be perceived as ‘inciting.’

So we are not suppose to say words like, kill and cross-hairs–can we say, bulls-eye, fire, shoot? I suspect the list is getting longer as I type. I guess these words are now added to the other politically incorrect list: words like fat and retarded.

Earlier this month, news circulated about the Mark Twain classic, The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, being re-published minus the 200 plus N-word from the original text. The publishers think they need to make it more literary ‘palatable’ to attract new readers. What’s wrong with this ‘white-washing’ is it’s a fake. It’s changing historical references and depicting a false version of Twain’s writing. Twain used the N-word, don’t re-make him. It’s like Congress reading the Constitution and omitting the part which refers to African Americans, then slaves, as three fifths of a man.You cannot omit history. It happened, every grand, graphic, dark, degrading, dehumanizing part of it.

What is going on with us? Really.

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