Chuck Colson Accuses Steve Jobs Of Censorship For Nixing Anti-Gay Marriage App

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Source: On Top Magazine

Chuck Colson has accused Apple CEO Steve Jobs of censorship for rejecting an anti-gay marriage app from its iTunes store and has vowed to fight on, reported.

Apple removed the Manhattan Declaration app, a mobile version of the manifesto unveiled last year in New York by religious leaders opposed to gay marriage, from its digital store in November because “it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.”
In December, the company went on to reject a modified version of the app that removed a four-question survey. One question asked, “Do you support same-sex relationships?” Users who answered “yes” were told that they had replied incorrectly.
In rejecting the resubmitted app, Apple said the app was likely “to expose a group to harm” and “to be objectionable and potentially harmful to others.”
In a four-minute-tweny-three-second video released last week, Colson accused Jobs of censorship.
“Apple and our opponents are counting on us to be wimps,” Colson said. “To grow weary and pack it in. Steve Jobs at Apple has decided to hunker down and wait for the storm to blow over and for us to give up.”
“My answer is, Mr. Jobs you are wrong. We will persevere. Think of the consequences if we don’t. A major corporation which facilitates much of the information flow in our country simply refuses to give access to one side of a hotly contested moral and political issue. Other corporations would be emboldened to do the same thing. And there goes our freedom of speech. We must keep going until we win this battle with Apple.”
Colson also suggested that the advancement of gay rights were responsible for tearing down “the traditional moral order.”
“Even after the sexual revolution it took decades before we started witnessing the almost complete breakdown of sexual ethics. The gay rights crowd didn’t pop up a few years ago and start winning legal victories. Took them 40 years to be where they are. On the verge now of having so-called same-sex marriage become a law of the land. It took them decades to infiltrate the schools, the media, network TV shows, to convince legislatures, judges and cultural gatekeepers that gay sex is healthy and normative.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

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