Did Change.org’s Brie Cadman Promote Censorship of Science?

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Source: Age of Autism – By J.B. Handley

Change.org Managing Editor’s Note: Looks like Brie Cadman is following Secretary of Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius‘s directive to censor/suppress/choose not to run science that questions vaccine safety. Where’s the 1st amendment outcry from left or right?

Brie Cadman is the Health Editor for Change.org. According to her bio:

“Prior to Change.org, Brie was an editor at DivineCaroline.com, a Web 2.0 site for women. As a freelancer, she has covered health, science and sustainability for print and online publications. Brie’s previous professions include biochemist, clinical trial coordinator, indoor air pollution researcher, wine bottler and farm hand. She has a degree in biochemistry and a Master of Public Health, both from U.C. Berkeley.”

Today, Brie has posted an article begging people to denounce the “anti-vaccine agenda” of Professor John W. Oller Jr., a professor at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. As some of you may know, Professor Oller is the author of a terrific book, The Autism Epidemic and Related Issues.

Here’s what Ms. Cadman writes:

The scientific community has overwhelming concluded that vaccines do not cause autism, but Oller, who does not have a background in immunology, epidemiology or toxicology, continues to push an agenda  based on false premises and conspiracy theories. Perhaps most troubling is that Oller uses his University of Louisiana-Lafayette website to promote his books, praise Wakefield and link to his anti-science blog.

By promoting this dangerous idea, Oller is threatening the credibility of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and its Department of Communications.  As Oller writes on his blog, “It’s all about the research, the research, the research, and did I mention the research?” But clearly, he doesn’t quite grasp how research and accurate conclusions are drawn. And because of his position, he threatens student education by passing off his conspiracy theories as actual “research.”No credible academic institution should support a theory that is so widely discredited, especially one that has already resulted in the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases and deaths. Tell University of Louisiana and the Department of Communications to publicly denounce Oller’s statements about vaccines and autism and to ensure that he doesn’t spread his ideas to students.

Really, has it really come to this? Sorry, Ms. Cadman, not so fast. As you can read in the post right below this one, your assertion that the link between vaccines and autism has been disproven is resting on a foundation of sand. How could you possibly represent this to be true when:

– The studies you invariably will cite are funded by either the vaccine industry or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)?

– Of the 36 vaccines our children receive, exactly 2, both doses of the MMR shot, have been studied for their relationship to autism?

– In every study cited by people like you, the control group is always vaccinated children?

There is simply no excuse for ignorance. Ms. Cadman, you and your public health degree need to go back to the drawing board. Read the studies you actually claim provide overwhelming evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism, see how mistaken you really are.

As I’ve said before, parents aren’t stupid, and I doubt the students at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette are either. Do your own work, see both sides, all the information on these studies is available in one place, so check out the Fourteen Studies website and see for yourself.

Autism parents, if you’re feeling helpless right now, you can do something, you can stand up for the other researchers out there who are willing to speak the truth.

By the way, the blog post by Dr. Oller is one of the more compelling pieces you’ll ever read, which you can see right HERE, here’s just an excerpt:

“CDC policy recommends not giving vaccinations at “well-baby” visits when the child comes in with a fever and runny nose. Why not? Because sound logic suggests that multiple additional threats piled on top of an already burdened immune defense system, one that is fighting an existing infection or illness of some sort (judging by the symptoms of the runny nose and fever), can only increase the burden the child is already facing. The more disease agents and toxins adding to the load, the greater the likelihood of producing a crisis potentially leading to seizures, encephalopathy, and potential fatality…

Finally, consider the question of combining multiple disease agents and toxins on the same occasion or in closely spaced vaccinations. In particular, take the MMR and DPT triple germ shots plus the toxins and contaminants they contain. Is it true from the research that the industry and the CDC are not increasing the risk of injuries by using simultaneous or closely spaced multivalent vaccines? What does the research show?…

When Offit says vaccines cannot cause autism because the CDC studies can’t find a link, he is relying on reports of failed searches. But failures of that kind are inconclusive. If we look into the ones the CDC points to as sustaining their claims, as we have done, all of the failed searches seem designed so that they could not possibly find any links between autism and vaccines. Why have there been no systematic comparisons between vaccinated and unvaccinated matched pairs?”

J.B. Handley is the father of a child with autism, the co-founder of Generation Rescue, and a contributing writer for AoA.

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