Harps Grocery Store Censors Us Weekly Cover of Elton John & David Furnish!

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Source: Earsucker – By Roberta Ferguson


Us Weekly Cover – January 2011

On January 18, 2011, Us Weekly debuted Elton John and partner David Furnish’s new baby, Zachary on the front cover. The happy singer talked about the birth of their son and said that they wouldn’t be spoiling him, but lavishing love on him.

Seems all well and good, right? (It is, that baby is so freakin’ cute!) That is, until I checked my Twitter feed and found this disturbing piece. Apparently there’s a grocery store in Arkansas called Harps, who is censoring the front cover of that particular issue of Us Weekly.

Jennifer Huddleston tweeted this message out to numerous people in the span of three hours, “This was taken at my local grocery store. I was shocked and horrified. Can you help bring attention to this? http://t.co/sqYhBzc”. The link shows you the photo below, taken of the censorship of Elton and David — BECAUSE they are an openly gay couple. She tweeted, “They are saying they need to keep children from seeing it, because it is a gay family.”


Photo of Harps Grocery Store censoring Us Weekly

n case you’ve never heard of Harps, Jen has the details on that, as well. She tweeted, “Harps is a local grocery store chain here in Arkansas. Please feel free to share their phone number:870-425-6556.”

Here’s their website information, in addition to that. Contact them and let them know that this is just UNACCEPTABLE.

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3 comments on “Harps Grocery Store Censors Us Weekly Cover of Elton John & David Furnish!
  1. dacoop77 says:

    We are such a scared, easily manipulated society. Why should a grocery store in a Christian community be forced to expose its children to such filth? Are we not the same country founded on morals and Christian beliefs? It is a sad day when we feel obligated to compromise our beliefs for fear of the repercussions from a few homosexuals in the community. I hope former Governor Huckabee shares some opinions on this.

    • dreager14 says:

      Good for them! They censor playboy don’t they! 3% of the population are homosexual and every show/movie is flooded with this tripe! I want to puke, enough is enough!
      Next we censor the great Climate change CON pulease.

  2. Linda Brock says:

    So if we don’t want your homosexuality shoved in our face we our censoring you? Live your life. It’s yours. Don’t shove it in our faces.

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