Zombies vs. Censorship: Which is worse?

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Deadgirl (2008 film)

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Source: examiner.com – By Ben Anderson

Ok, this really makes me sick, and I’ve seen Deadgirl twice!

According to if.com, the director of The Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) is facing police charges because they screened L.A. Zombie last year. That’s some high-grade BS to be sure. If you don’t know L.A. Zombie, it’s probably best described as “gay zombie porn”, which obviously isn’t for everyone, but that’s to be said of any film, or art in general for that matter.

This wasn’t some incident involving a daytime TV airing, it was screened for 200 adults who demanded to see what was being kept from them. I think of “Illegal showing of a movie” as something out of China, or the 40’s, or Amish country, but Australia? And MUFF’s director also had his house raided in November over this movie. What the hell is going on down there?

Censorship and intolerance aren’t that different from zombies, they spread like viruses and destroy people’s brains, but you don’t have to wait for the Zombiclypse to fight back.

See the if.com article here.

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