Mayor Abuses Power, Imposes Censorship

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Cover of "Sicko (Special Edition)"

Cover of Sicko (Special Edition)

Source: Norwich Bulletin – By Liz Thompson

Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin was 100 percent out of line in pressuring librarian Henry Dutcher to suspend the showing of Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko.” This action shows that Mayor Kaupin not only is willing to abuse his power, but that he has no understanding of the purpose of a publicly supported library in this country.

Will Mayor Kaupin next want to pull books off the shelves or prohibit the purchase of magazines and music selections that don’t meet with his approval or the approval of his council?

Was his action a form of censorship? You bet it was. I was appalled and angered to read that this had happened in our state. Mr. Dutcher, many in Connecticut are hoping you will reschedule the movie, and we’ll be watching to see if the citizens of Enfield do the right thing and support you, in spite of having a mayor who exercises poor judgment.

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