Rihanna Video Censored by YouTube, “S&M”

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Apparently wearing bondage gear and brandishing a whip is just too hot for viewers on YouTube. As fans attempted to watch the video, a “parental warning” flag pops up, with a message to viewers stating “inappropriate for younger viewers,” followed by a request to verify the minimum age of 18 in order to view the video. Although this is definately censorship, it could have been worse – YouTube could have taken the video down completely. Either way, Rihanna was not happy with the decision, pointing out that one of her previous videos was even racier, but nobody seemed to mind. She tweeted “They watched umbrella…I was totally nude.”

In the meantime, the British press has announced the video being banned in 11 countries. BBC’s Radio One won’t play the song before 11:00PM due to “objectionable lyrics,” such as “Sticks and stones may break my bones/But chains and whips excite me.” However, MTV plans to air the video, reporting that the video has been approved by the network “as is.”

As a result of the censorship, Rihanna tweeted “U can now view the ‘S&M’ video on RihannaNow.com UNFLAGGED!!”

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4 comments on “Rihanna Video Censored by YouTube, “S&M”
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