Morocco: An Attack Against a Site to Circumvent Egyptian Censorship

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Source: Ennahar Online (English Edition)


RABAT – a Maghreb site located in Morocco, offered to Egyptian users a program to circumvent censorship on the net, was the victim of a “sophisticated” cyber attack that made it inaccessible,” said its manager to the AFP Friday.

“That night at 4 o’clock in the morning someone entered the site” and made it inoperative by “overwhelming what allows it to access the worldwide web,” said Dr. Francesco Landogna, CEO of the site

Wall5 proposed in recent days to Egyptian Internet application to bypass the cut internet set up by the authorities.

It was a program like “Ghost IP, allowing essentially bypass the filter in place between Egyptian domestic users and the rest of the web, says Mr. Landogna.

He said the number of downloads of this program to continue to consult the web has surpassed the 200,000 Thursday night.

Mr. Landogna does not believe in coincidence. “It’s been three years we are on the net without any problems and I find it somewhat odd that this happens after this action we have taken,” he said.

For him it’s not hackers but people with sophisticated tools that have entered the server and crushed it.”

Asked about the origin of the attack, Mr. Landogna says it can not be determined. “This is certainly not an Australian,” he joked, holding that the attack did not come from Morocco.

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