US Chamber Of Commerce Wants More Censorship, More IP Protectionism

Censorship in America

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Source: TechDirt

The US Chamber of Commerce is becoming an increasingly sad and deluded shell of an organization. Its main focus these days seems to be about US Chamber of Commercecreating protectionist, anti-free market, anti-innovation policies that protect its largest companies from competition and newer, more efficient tools and companies. It’s predictable, but sad. The latest is that it has sent a letter to President Obama with its “intellectual property agenda,” which could be simplified as “more of it, please.”

It asks the President to expand the role of the White House‘s IP Czar, whose existence mainly exists due to the Chamber of Commerce using totally debunked stats to claim that the job was necessary. And, of course, it was no surprise the other day when the IP Czar’s first report was more or less a bullet point list of everything the Chamber of Commerce wants. It’s as if they have their own office in the White House, so of course they want that expanded.

The report does not mention ACTA, but does mention the new, even more secretive and more ridiculous Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which of course the Chamber of Commerce wants to include only “the highest IP standards.” Along those lines, the Chamber of Commerce also wants the Feds to send more of its copyright cops around the world to enforce US copyright laws, and to put more enforcement pressure around the infamous joke known as the USTR‘s “Special 301” report (which is basically a way for the lobbyists to “launder” a list of countries they don’t like, and have the USTR list them as violating US IP laws based on little more than what lobbyists claim).

Finally, of course, the Chamber of Commerce supports blatant censorship and a lack of due process, in praising efforts to censor websites without any adversarial hearing, just because there might be some infringement somewhere else, but that site links to it.

Notice a pattern? Basically, the Chamber of Commerce supports policies that act as protectionism for a few large US companies, no matter what the overall harm is to the rest of the economy. Protectionist policies harm the economy and the pace of innovation. Censorship and a lack of due process should be seen as an anathema to core values of the United States. It’s a shame that an organization that often presents itself as being about supporting American values and capitalism goes in such an opposite direction to protect its own special interests.

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7 comments on “US Chamber Of Commerce Wants More Censorship, More IP Protectionism
  1. sharonkramer says:

    My friend has a wordpress blog in which she posts direct information of the US Chamber’s involvment in a fraud marketed into US health policy for the purpose of staving off liability for the insurance industry. It’s billions. She started posting and linking legal docs that show the CA legal system aiding with a malicious litigation dependant on perjury by a US Chamber policy author, to silence a whistle blower of the fraud – me.
    VERY BIZARRE. Her tags and codes in posts were being changed causing the blog to not show up on alerts. Instead of helping her, they barred her from the support forum. I posted questions for her today. They were deleting my questions as fast as I was posting them. We were blogging their deletings on a site, ToxLaw, as fast as they were deleting them.

    Today’s attempted communication with wordpress, that they were deleting from their message board as fast as we were posting:
    Re: HELP Question About Blog!! WordPress Forums
    Posted by Katy on 2/17/11

    On 2/17/11, Katy wrote:
    > HELP
    > Question About Blog!
    > sharonkramer
    > Member
    > Feb 17, 2011, 8:46 PM
    > Security was contact about 7 most recent posts not showing up in google searches for site url and because some tags had been changed and no longer work in WP Global Tags. Some of these would affect all bloggers. Their replies were rather vague and did not really answer the questions. Have since found that the code that adds the tags chosen for a post when published (meta tags) is gone on the site. That would explain why last 7 posts are not in a search for the site URL! The code can’t be changed by the blogger. Very strange that first the tags for certain subjects/topics are changed and/or not working and then a code change deleting the code that publishes the not working tags! This info was sent to security yesterday and NO REPLY yet! I would think that qualifies as an important issue. Today, the blog owner tried to post this this forum and it was blocked. This is being posted by another who at this moment is not blocked. Name of blog is not included in case that would block this post. This blog posts extensively of a deception in US public health policy involving the U S Chamberr of Commmerce.(sp) Would this have anything to do with the odd change in tags and missing codes causing blog info of public importance not coming up in searches?
    > Forums l o g?replies=1#post-560028

    More – HELP Question About Blog!!sharonkramer
    Feb 17, 2011, 8:46 PM

    Feb 17, 2011, 9:23 PM

    Whut? Can you please slow down and give us the URL for the WordPress.c o m blog in question, starting with http://

    Feb 17, 2011, 9:23 PM

    See –> i sputes/ r eedom-of-speech/ b use/ o mplaints/

    Feb 17, 2011, 9:39 PM

    Sure the name of the blog is K a aka Katy’s Exposure, Exposing environmental health threats and those responsible.

    Dear Time Thief,

    Thank you for the suggested links, but Katy has been trying to get some answers directly from WordPress security. Something is not right. She has provided them documentation of tags being changed not consistant with what is on her site and documentation of missing code on published posts.

    This is really important stuff. This site is frequently used to relay info to governmental decision makers over a deception in US public health policy and involving the US Chamber of Commerce. Example would be WorkCompCentral picking up one of Katy’s Blogs about an insurer cost shifting scheme in CA workers comp:

    Link to WCC Article citing to Katy’s Blog as primary source :http://f r

    She is quite concerned because she has contacted securty several times. The reply has been that she is blocked from this forum. Quite concerning with all the info coming to light of the US Chamber willfully trying to shut down blogs adverse to their best interest. Katy can directly tie some of the IP addresses on her blog lately to those identified as being affiliated with the Chamber’s marketing against bloggers.

    Is it possible that THEY could be changing things without WordPress’s knowledge or ability to control? Something is NOT right. Need help. ASAP.

    Can you all help her to figure out WHY and HOW tags and codes are being changed? It is in the public’s best interest to do so.

    Thanks for your help! l o g?replies=4#post-560066

    Re: UPDATE Re: HELP Question About Blog!! WordPress Forums
    Posted by Katy on 2/17/11 Forums

    HELP!!! Why did you delete question about being deleted regarding US Chamber?
    So…back to the original question: HOW and by WHOM are the tags and codes on Katy’s Exposure Blog regarding posts of conflicts of interest of the US Chamber of Commerce and it’s adverse impact on US public health policy (with some corruption in the courts evidenced along the way) being manipulated? You guys are starting to hurt my feelings like you don’t want to talk about this or something. Does this have anything to do with it?
    RapidShare Reserved The Right to Take Legal Action Against MarkMonitor
    Added: Friday, January 14th, 2011
    Category: Recent Headlines Involving File Sharing > Ridiculous Criminal Trials
    Tags:ET, p2p, Torrent, Piracy, Peer To Peer, Network, Hackers, Internet, BitTorrent, Google, utorrent, bitcomet, extratorrent, 2010, “Stumble it! RapidShare followed its competitor MegaUpload and responded to recent report from US Chamber of Commerce, which claimed that the company receives billions of hits annually, thus profiting off the hard work of the American creative industries and depriving the thousands of people of their jobs.”
    MarkMonitor Press | MarkMonitor to Participate at eTail East “U.S. businesses are increasingly aware of the damage digital piracy and online counterfeiting can do to their brands, which prompted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to approach MarkMonitor about developing a fresh perspective on the scope of the problem” (define “fresh perspective”)

    Or maybe this? The CA legal system turning a blind eye to criminal perjury by a US Chamber author of policy, in a malicious litigation adverse to public health?
    Re: UPDATE Re: HELP Question About Blog!! WordPress Forums
    Posted by Katy on 2/17/11
    Wow as I am posting this I find out it is deleted too!
    HELP!!! Why are my questions re US Chamber et al, now deleted? WordPress Forums Forums Support

    It’s weird. Are your tags changed at all? Katy was finding caps changed, odd code added, etc…that one would never know if they don’t track their tags.

  2. I have had no issues with tags or code being changed. Very strange.

    • Katy says:

      Sean, I think you and others may have an issue with at least one of your tags.

      On the post, you tagged it “chamber of commerce” and when published should be on the WP Global Tag page for “chamber of commerce”. The point being to alert search engines of your post with this tag. There are several issues with their tags and it really seems to be a pattern not of them having problems with their tags and tag feeds generally, but more like certain SUBECTS the tags are about don’t work or have problems.

      The first problem here is your post was not even picked up as published with your “chamber of commerce” tag. Links are below.

      I have found on my posts when this happened, if I saw my post on another global tag page, the tag in question had been changed. Very strange when a post on my site is tagged “US Chamber of Commerce” and on a WP global Tag page, that SAME post shows as “U.S. Chamber of Commerce”. (you have to look for one of your posts on a different wp global tag page and look for a post that would have been tagged with the tag you are looking far)

      The feed for this wp global tag stopped updating on 2/8 yet there are SOME posts on the wp global tag page more recent than 2/8. The response from security saying they are having issues with tag feeds is technically correct but does not answer why there are tag changes I didn’t make and how can a tag on a post appear one way on global tag page but look the same on my site. It seems to be because those do not work for me and maybe not for others! AND it seems to be topic related. I noticed problems with my site being “censored by manipulating tags or just making them not work to well for all and then found the code to add tags removed so they are not there when I publish. They will show on post but the code keeps them from publishing as meta tags. Maybe that’s why when I typed some in they kept vanishing! This is all very sad since wp says they don’t censor. I provided security with documentation. After several generic responses, have heard NOTHING from them about my hacked code. I have to decide what to do now. Gosh, I would be even more upset if I was paying for a .org if global tagging applies to those too.

      It does seem funny that feeds for tags that have very disturbing issues don’t work. If they did and you were following updated blog posts about your tag “chamber of commerce” yet the feed was not working, you would not notice your post not showing.

      All I have said is how things are at the time of this comment.

      Page 2 WordPress Global Tag Page. This post is not there 2/11 as posted, if it is I missed it.

  3. sharonkramer says:

    Yea, it is strange. We have hit a real nerve in that I can PROVE CA judges and justices trying to shut me up of a fraud in health policy that the Governator endorsed into CA workers comp policy in 2005 on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber. We are talking CA Supreme Court Justices and the Chair of the CA Commission on Judicial Performance. I think that might be why Katy’s is getting hit so bad. She is not just reposting stories. She is posting original docs from legal cases, etc. Like billing records of the Chamber/Manhattan Institute, etc. Justices ignoring high level CDC employee, who co-authored the fraud for the Chamber, missing from Certs of Intereested Parties, etc.

    Check out some of the links in this posts and the evidence of who all was told of the fraud of the Chamber and fraud of the CA courts aiding the Chamber:

    This is who I am, as told in a new book, “Surviving Mold”:
    “That area of enquiry subsequently led to a request from Senator Kennedy’s office in October 2006 to the General Accountability Office for a review of the Federal effort. Again, Sharon Kramer’s incredible effort was instrumental in the GAO request that led in turn to the 2008 US GAO report that completely destroyed the defense or government Nay-sayers’ credibility in mold illness issues. Thanks to Sharon and Senator Kennedy’s staff, the longstanding idiotic arguments about mycotoxins alone being the problem from WDB have now been put to rest, with the exception of some really primitive defense attorneys who don’t know that the old ACOEM-quoting defense and the old AAAAI-quoting defense are a prescription for a loss in court.” [ACOEM and AAAAI are the medical associations that aided the US Chamber to get the insurance fraud into health policy] It’s B A D. I am the ONLY person I know who can directly evidence the courts willfully breaking the law and turning a blind eye to criminal perjury in malicious litigations, to aid the US Chamber in an interstate insurer fraud scheme. I think maybe THAT is why Katy’s is getting attacked. Whatever it is, her blog is being silenced from being picked up in alerts.

  4. Sharon says:

    Thanks for asking if there is anything you can do. Not today, but in the near future possibly. When Katy blogs of this matter of what the California legal system has done to kill freedome of speech on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber i.e., by rewarding criminal perjury in a malicious litigation by a Chamber author used to silence and discredit an effective whistle blower; we will send it to you. Hopefully, you will help us get the word out.

  5. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

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