Our Right To Free Speech Is The Platform For Lobbying Against Media Censorship

Censorship in America

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By Paul Ritinge

Our right to free speech is the platform for lobbying against media censorship. One of the most controversial issues in media censorship involves the area of politics. There are many individuals and groups who believe the media is pressured into portraying the government in a much better light than it really is. They believe this leaves the citizens of the United States in a dire position where they are making uninformed decisions based on what they are allowed to know rather than the whole story.

Cover of "Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journ...

Cover of "Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press"

Those in control of major political issues and The Office of Censorship believe the information they are keeping out of the media is to prevent other countries and enemies from using it to their advantage. The book Into the Buzzsaw talks about the issue of media censorship and gives examples of when it is believed to have reared its head.

This controversial book contains writings and essays from journalists and reporters who claim they were banned from the profession for trying to expose issues that the government didn’t want exposed. These issues include the CIA being a party to drug smuggling, the cover up from the TWA flight 800 disaster, prisoners of war left to die in Vietnam, the Korean War massacre, and many issues that the government didn’t want the general public to catch wind of.

However, many of us have to be skeptical about such cover ups. After all, the media has flooded our news channels with stories of military personnel unjustly killing the enemy or committing rape. We have also had endless reports about the negative ratings of President Bush for involving our troops in the issues of Iraq to begin with. There are also the stories about United States spies and other controversial issues that appear to be information that the government would not want to have given to the general public.

The issue of censorship in the media continues to be a tough one. On one hand you want freedom of speech to be honored in every aspect of the American culture. However, I agree too much information is sometimes leaked through the media. For example, how many times have we heard of a criminal or terrorist committing a violent crime detail by detail, then we hear about 10 more copycat incidents over the next few weeks. Maybe such information needs to be censored?

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