New York Uses Fascist Tactics Against Free Speech

Source: Spero News – By William Donohue

A billboard in New York City that showed a picture of a black girl with the message, "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb," has been taken down. The organization responsible for the billboard, which is run by an African American, sought to draw attention during Black History Month to the genocidal impact abortion.

What happened in New York City was an exercise in urban fascism: calls for censoring the free speech of a private company were issued by agents of the state (e.g., New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio called for the billboard to be removed); waiters and waitresses who work in a restaurant in the building where the billboard was posted were harassed; and concerns that violence might ensue—as admitted by an official for the ad company—forced the decision to take down the billboard…

…Read the entire article here…

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