Australia’s NBN Co. is the Trojan for Internet Censorship

Source: Independent Media Centre Australia

Why on earth would the government commit billions of dollars so that Australians can be on an even playing field with international competitors? Isn’t that the whole point of the internet; the fact that it IS an even playing field!? All reasons justifying the implementation of NBN are broad and non-specific.

Everything is either “commercial in confidence” or “not sufficiently complete” to divulge. They can’t even tell us how much it will cost the average user, who’s involved & how and what the heck we need it for anyway. (1)This investigation lead me to conclude that we should be afraid of the NBN Co. and protect the freedoms we enjoy.

A little bit of background information is useful in understanding what’s really going on and what the real agenda is.
Here’s a brief of the facts:

Mike Quigley

  • Michael Quigley, the appointed CEO of NBN Co. worked for Alcatel for 34 years. As late as 2005, he was President & Chief Operating Officer at Alcatel. (1A)
  • In 2004 Alcatel was involved in a scandal whereby “Costa Rican prosecutors & national congress were investigating payments made to the consultants of Telco’s by one of its local subsidiaries” Then it continues “… the Costa Rican Prosecutor’s Office indicted 11 individuals, including the former president of Alcatel de Costa Rica, on charges of aggravated corruption, unlawful enrichment, simulation (means an imitation; a sham), fraud and others”(2)
  • In 2005, Michael Quigley was apparently “passed over” for CEO Role at Alcatel. “…a source claims”. He felt he deserved the role for signing a heads of agreement to share its technology with Telstra in a $3.4 Billion dollar deal.(1A) A Claytons merge between Telstra & Alcatel via the then Telstra CEO Mr Sol Trujillo. There was some controversy surrounding Sol Trujillo’s deal as three insiders at Telstra later quit over this and stated “Sol Trujillo had short-circuited the company’s ordinary procurement rules to hand Alcatel a $3.4 billion contract shortly after his arrival (back to Australia) mid-last year” (3)
  • August 2005, Lachlan Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch’s son) quits his Executive job at News Corp and sets up a media investment company called illyria Pty Ltd 4 He claimed he wanted to move his family back to Australia . Interestingly, appointed NBN Co. Board member Siobhan McKenna is to this day a Managing partner at illyria Pty Ltd. (4A) More about the Murdoch’s involvement later.
  • On the 2nd April 2006, Alcatel & Lucent officially merged to become Alcatel-Lucent. (5)
  • An investigation of Alcatel that concluded in 2010, saw Alcatel fined $137 million dollars by the US Securities & Exchange Commission. “The cases concern allegations about the sales activities of French telecommunications giant Alcatel from the 1990s, through to its 2006 merger with Lucent Technologies” and “…third parties acted as conduits for bribes to customers and officials in many countries” “According to the SEC, Alcatel made illicit payments to foreign government officials through its subsidiaries and agents, and knowingly falsifying books and records to camouflage bribes as consulting payments. Alcatel-Lucent admitted making about $48.1 million in profit through the improper payments”(6)
  • On the 20th July 2006 (3 months after the merger of Alcatel-Lucent) Mr Quigley registers a start-up company in Australia called “Audinate Pty Ltd” with ASIC Sydney. Audinates main product is software technology called “Dante”. (7) was first registered on the 21st December 2005, shortly after Sol Trujillo’s heads of agreement with Alcatel. (8)NBN Co’s CEO Mike Quigley remains a member of the board at Audinate Pty Ltd as far as we know. (1) More about Audinate later.
  • In late 2006 or early 2007, Michael Quigley quits his R & D role at the Merged Alcatel-Lucent giant 9 months into it and returns to Australia to “renovate his waterfront, $3.6 Million dollar home in Mosman.”(1A)
  • On the 26th June 2007, Telstra inks the final agreement that first reared its head in 2005 with the now Alcatel-Lucent Giant. Alcatel-Lucent partnered with Telstra in a joint R & D deal to “Transform Telstra’s Network”. (9)
  • April 2009, Michael Quigley was appointed CEO of NBN Co. with no mention whatsoever on the NBN Co. web site of his involvement in Audinate Pty Ltd. It does however mention previous appointments on the NBN Co. web site for its other board members, including any positions in private companies that they held or might still hold.(10)
  • September 2009, Jean-Pascal Beaufret former Alcatel Chief Financial Officer is appointed the same position at NBN Co. (11)

Annual reports for the 2008-2009 financial year for NBN Co. (a period of 4 months), lists the members of the board.

Interestingly, one board member Peter Hay, spent the years between 1993 to 1999 advising Governments & Government owned enterprises on reform and implementing energy sector privatisation.

You only need to take a look at your latest energy bill to figure how that all played out for us. Peter Hay is best positioned on advising our government on how to go about privatising NBN Co. once they’ve spent $43 billion of your money. The government has stated that they have every intention of privatising the network after its been operational for 3-5 years.

Also interesting, is that the $10 million dollars of initial capital injection for the NBN Co. board to cover administration costs, is held at Westpac. Dianne-Smith Gander was the head of the Westpac Business Technology Division prior to her appointment at NBN Co.

Siobhan McKenna is a managing partner at Illyria Pty Ltd; This is the Media focused Investment Company that Lachlan Murdoch set up in 2005 when he left News Corp. to “Take his family back to Australia”.

Rupert Murdoch’s history of assaulting the internet and freedom of speech, does not bode well Australians.

NBN Co. can be seen as an “in” for Rupert Murdoch to put controls on the internet. NBN Co. may become the new source from which you will be fed the propaganda and political lies designed to line the pockets of the elite, elect your politicians and create an Australia that moves closer to a police state.

One of Rupert Murdoch’s failed attempts to control the internet was when he bought the world’s 8th most popular web site, MySpace for $580 Million. It soon lost MySpace members in droves when it became apparent that the 600 complaints from users who had their content removed or accounts closed, was an attempt to control “electronic dissent, whether it be against corporations or government, will not tolerated and freedom of e-speech will cease to exist” (12)
The article states “MySpace is Rupert Murdoch’s Trojan horse for destroying free speech on the Internet. It is a foundational keystone of the first wave of the state’s backlash to the damage that a free and open Internet has done to their organs of propaganda. By firstly making it cool, trendy and culturally elite for millions to flock to establishment controlled Internet backbones like MySpace, Murdoch is preparing the groundwork for the day when it will stop being voluntary and become mandatory to use government and corporate monopoly controlled Internet hubs.

The end game is a system similar to or worse than China, whereby no websites even mildly critical of the government will be authorized.“

On the 22nd June 2010, Murdoch reiterated at the opening New York Forum session “… his widely-stated belief that publishers made a huge mistake in making digital content free of charge”. Philippe Camus, chairman of Alcatel-Lucent was present at this forum.(13)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that as far back as 2005, the Murdoch’s & Telstra rubbed their hands together with delight knowing what was coming through the pipeline and then convinced the government in 2007 that this is the only way to control their propaganda machine if they played by the rules. We all know that the “media” elected Julia Gillard since controlling a party’s image, controls the election results. Proof of impropriety is in the fact that this information on NBN Co. has not been reported in the mainstream media because it is in direct opposition to the governments & Murdoch’s agenda.
That leaves the other two board members at NBN Co.; Doug Campbell & Gene Tillbrook.

Doug Campbell used to work at Telstra’s wholesale Division. It stands to reason that since NBN Co. plans to wholesale its services to ISP’s, that experience in this filed is vital. The problem is that Doug’s intimate knowledge of what competitors pay to the current wholesaler (Telstra) along with knowledge about the pricing structure of its wholesale customer could be used against competitors. If Telstra knows they wholesale a 1GB plan for $30 a month say, including service costs of about $10 per month totalling $40 per month to the wholesaler, then it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to erode the competitors’ $15 profit margin through licensing, compliance or other costs. Since they have the government on side, passing such laws is a walk in the park.

When you have a monopoly, you can name your price. When you have a monopoly, you can also dictate the service provided. This can lead to your internet access becoming nothing more than a glorified television with mindless entertainment and political propaganda. When you have a monopoly and you control the information, you can serve the information that serves you. It’s that simple.

Optus’s fears of being pushed out of the market could be realised sooner than they think, particularly if you consider that NBN Co. has a high level insider in their midst to help plan & scheme the demise of competitors.

Finally, gene Tillbrook worked for Westfarmers Limited. Westfarmers diverse operations are well-known in Australia with brands such as Coles, Bunnings, Officeworks, BI-LO, Vintage Cellars, Target and K-Mart just to mention a few. He worked as Director of business development and the Westfarmers web site states that he was “…involved in many transactions that made Westfarmers a successful & diversified group”. Translation; was instrumental in evolving a market of duopolies and monopolies in Australia.

In regards to Audinate Pty Ltd business, Mike Quigley’s baby, the company states that in order for the “Digital Media Transportation System” to work, as well as discover Dante enabled equipment on the network, it must be used over a Local Area Network (LAN) running internet protocols (TCP/IP, UDP/IP etc.) In fact, the technology quality is affected significantly, to the point of redundancy when it’s run over “masses of bulky, heavy, expensive and inflexible copper wires. Installation is made simple using digital networking; a single lightweight, inexpensive CAT5 cable can carry all the required inputs and outputs as digital audio data.”

Then the web site goes on to say “Digital networks utilize standard Ethernet over IP offering high bandwidth capable of transporting hundreds of high quality channels over 100MBs or 1 Gigabit Ethernet.”

All of this sounds terribly familiar.

Australians perform due diligence on a $300 invoice. How is it that our government overlooked due diligence on $43 billion dollars that is to come from the average hard working Australian? Incompetence is an understatement and if it’s not incompetence, it can only deliberate. I cannot for one moment believe that this bodes well for the open & free internet. If we allow this to go ahead, they will censor the willing with their own money.

The familiarity of these Audinate web site words was apparent on the 20th June 2010 in an address to parliament; Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a heads of agreement between Telstra & NBN Co. The communications & broadband minister Stephen Conroy said “This agreement provides us with a clear pathway to take Australia from the copper age to the fibre future”
Hmmm…funny that. Wasn’t it Michael Quigley, NBN Co.’s CEO who came to Australia in 2007 to apparently “renovate his Mosman mansion” but instead headed Audinate Pty Ltd who’s technology insists on a fibre network? Wasn’t it Audinates’ technology requirement of a minimum 100MB connection? And isn’t the first site in Coburg Victoria set up on a fibre network and a 100MB connection?

The truth is that Audinates Dante technology is useless on a copper network and non-function on a Wi-Fi connection, which brings me to another point. Wasn’t it NBN Co.’s push all along to scrap the copper wire network and Wi-Fi Network? (14)

Now, why haven’t we heard anything about this in the mainstream media you would ask? The simple reason is there are vested interests in the NBN Co. Board.(15)

NBN Co. my friends is an attempt by the mainstream media to control what you read, hear & see on the internet. (16) Rupert Murdoch’s empire and enormous wealth was built on the mainstream media. The internet has made their empire crumble around their ears. They are losing grip of the traditional media’s once powerful propaganda tool. If you control what the Australian public thinks about the world around them, then you control what they do. If you believe the world will end because of global warming, then they can tax you accordingly.

The internet is under attack because those in power are losing control of the tool that has to date robbed millions upon millions of Australians of their wealth through the introduction of new taxes and laws designed to keep them in check.
It seems that Telstra, the Murdoch’s and our political elite have always had the Australian internet market in its sights and has now put themselves in a win-win situation. The Murdoch’s, the government, Telstra and Alcatel-Lucent all have something to gain by working with each other against the people of this nation.
Telstra I suspect was deliberately targeted by Alcatel back in 2005 as it needed an ally in Australia for two reasons. One, Telstra has influence & has the legacy network in Australia and two; since Michael Quigley was being set up a the poster boy for Australia’s NBN, it’s the only way Alcatel-Lucent can get their snouts in the trough without their being seen as playing favourites.

I can save you the trouble of reading the article and tell you that Michael Quigley had the gall to ask potential suppliers of NBN Co., to air any dirty laundry in any application to supply NBN Co. Specifically, “to provide any details of any investigation conducted by an agency, authority or regulator in connection with improper business practices”.

Pity our government overlooked due diligence protocols in the selection of NBN Co. board members. If they had, they would have discovered that their NBN Co. CEO during his reign at Alcatel as Chief Operating officer, had no idea how his company was operating. They also would have discovered that Jean-Pascal Beaufret, Alcatels Chief Finance officer, had no idea that bribes in the millions were being financed. But of course, the government can’t find the pitchfork in the haystack, but they seem to have no problem finding the needle that might lead to opposition in their plans.

I can only conclude that the opposition are so dumb they are dangerous, or they’re in on the act.

The fact that you have heard nothing of this in the mainstream media is your ultimate proof that there is a cover up in the NBN Co. deal. The fact that the evidence is scattered all over the internet, is proof that they have no control over free speech and the internet’s independent media outlets.

Now let me get this straight. The Australian Government has agreed so far to part with $43 billion dollars of your money and has installed a board of directors with potentially personal vested interests who as a whole are well versed in; aggravated corruption, unlawful enrichment, simulation, fraud, bribery of officials, falsifying records, the creation of monopolies, privatisation strategies and finance fraud, censoring of the internet and propaganda. To add insult to this, the whole scam is backed by our government and led by non-other than Mike Quigley who will promptly turn your $43 billion dollars into a personal fortune and then turn it over to private companies, with which he has an incestuous relationship at best.

That leaves us with his baby Audinate Pty Ltd. Audinate seems well positioned after having received a $4 million initial injection of funds to leech from NBN Co. and perhaps at some stage be the sole provider of its Dante technology. And let’s not forget the Murdoch’s. They will happily censor anything that is mildly in opposition to the elitists agenda and will make puppets of every politician you know today, good and bad. Everything you know about the world will come from your new God, the Gillard/Murdoch internet.

It seems Australia is NBN Co.’s oyster and they don’t mind if its Kilpatrick or raw; NBN Co. and the board will swallow Australia’s internet industry whole and the Australian Tax payer will pay for it with their freedom. In fact, only a few days ago on the 2nd March 2011, Murdoch already started to move in and he’s taking no prisoners. (17)

Forget weapons of mass destruction. This is far worse. These criminals want to control your mind, your thoughts about the world you live in and what you consume through what they decide you should be exposed to. What they are taking away by stealth is your free will. Even God does not have the power to take that from you. These people are criminals of the highest order with no regard or compassion for their fellow human being. Pretty soon, we’ll be chipped and tagged like animals.

These people do not care if you or your family live or die or if you are free or slaves. Make no mistake; they will put business interest before you every time. The only thing they care about is which of these two prospects will give them the biggest bang for their buck. You are either a good or a bad investment…that’s all.


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