Censorship for Islam Threatens Free Speech

Source: Right Side News – By Marshall Frank

Inch by inch.

When my book “Militant Islam in America” first came out in 2006-2007, I arranged several appearances with a notable chain of book stores, where I already knew the managers, having appeared there for past book signings.

A few days after making the arrangements, I received a call from the district manager telling me to cancel the signings. “We’re unable to order you books,” he said. That was a lie. The books were available and returnable (for the unsold), so there was no valid reason to cancel the appearances, other than the subject title. The book store feared repercussions. I was being censored.

I speak frequently at libraries all over Florida and the southeast. When I arranged book talks for the new release on militant Islam, I had two of the library directors tell me I was welcome to discuss my books in general, but “do not talk about Islam.”

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2 comments on “Censorship for Islam Threatens Free Speech
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