White House Threatens To Censor Paper For Covering Protests

The San Francisco Chronicle apparently in conflict with the White House for display video of a protest against the treatment of suspected White House source Wikileaks Bradley Manning.

The White House on Thursday threatened to leave the San Francisco Chronicle, which contains the coverage of events in the Bay Area after the paper posted a video of a protest in San Francisco fundraiser for Obama last week, the ‘ Chronicle Editor Ward Bushee said. White House press guidelines for such events are too restrictive, “said Bushee, and the magazine has every right to protest against the film and send the video.

Carla Marinucci, Chronicle editor, was named the journalist “pool” to Obama’s fundraising – so that his write-up should be distributed by other vendors, which cannot happen.

But what is really interesting happened – and she pointed out:

In the case of St. Regis, a group of protesters who together have paid $ 76 000 to attend a fundraiser with Obama interrupted a song to complain about the treatment of the administration of PFC Bradley Manning, the soldier who had revealed U.S. documents listed on the site Wikileaks.

As part of a “pool only print” Marinucci has been limited by the guidelines White House report in print, but Marinucci also took a video of the event, he wrote in his history written in the online edition Chronicle and SFGate.com on his political blog after sending written book report.

Chronicle story ends with the ironic point of view on the White House technology and information exchange:

Facebook on the eve of the fundraiser in San Francisco, Obama said: “The main reason we wanted to do this is mainly because people more and more, especially young people get their information through various media and of course that everything you have. Built together, helping to revolutionize the way people learn, how they process information, how they are connected with each other.

Apparently Marinucci posting the video was a bit too much to revolutionize.

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