Reporters In Burma Call For Easing Of Censorship

About Press Freedom Day media workers in Burma have called on the new government led by former General Thein Sein to ease censorship laws imposed by the previous military junta [SPDC].

Reporters called the new government to abolish the Printers and Publishers Act 1962 registration, and other censorship regulations established by the SPDC.

Ko Ko, Secretary of the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association and president of the newly created Committee on Professional Conduct, said: “The flourishing of the fourth pillar of the [journalism] is a necessary part of the democratic system and we believe the Board of Directors and President in January. Thein Sein, if you are trying to establish a democratic system, does not understand this. ”

“We ask [the government] to happen in practice.”

Veteran journalist, Kyaw Yin Myint also petition the government and the freedom of the media to point out that it would be “real benefits” to humans.

“There should be a freedom to write anything that does not pose any risk or threat to individuals, community or government,” said Kyaw Yin Myint.

“I think by allowing it not be more positive than negative. The fastest that freedom is granted, the better for society.”

Ko Ko said, although the primary responsibility belongs to the Ministry of Information, with other ministries is to change the way of hostility towards the media.

“It would be difficult to change a practice that has survived for so many years – will take time,” he added.

“It should not only be a change in policy, but also a change of position contained in the population, especially in the ministries.”

Newsletter editor, on condition of anonymity, said that the appointment should be clear procedures and regulations of the Government.

“They must describe precisely what we are not allowed to write and also provide a justification when an item is rejected [by the censor board],” said the editor.

Burma’s legal system has been very vague so that the freedom of the press not only limited by copy before submitting, but fear of irritating the power is everywhere, with total government control over the legal system to maintain or to harass the journalist, with few resources or no to a fair trial.

“Also, it should allow the question of their ATMs. In doing so, there will be more transparency in the workplace,” said the editor.

Government recently announced that some kinds of publications does not need to copy in advance of publication, these include sports, children, and the supernatural. Conspicuous by its absence, however, was a political publications, there is still delivered a pre-censor board. Characterized by the continuation of the prohibition of censorship in reference to discussions or events within the home, many of the ire of some elected representatives of the various houses.

Although Thein Sein, despite the claim that the media need to be “respect” has been little evidence that the harassment must stop, or that journalists in prison be released.

E ‘was recently reported that a former army captain in waiting for electronic transactions processing, and possession of a document on the controversial issue of national reconciliation in Burma.

Burma is regularly ranked as one of the most draconian media on the planet in the French media group, Reporters Without Borders ranks Burma 171 out of 175 countries last year.

DVB has launched a campaign to free its 17 video journalists currently in prison.

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