New Tricks Stars Slam TV Censorship

The stars of BBC police drama New Tricks have criticised television “censorship” – saying that the broadcaster is “terrified” of causing offence.

An eighth series of the BBC1 show, featuring Amanda Redman, Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and James Bolam as police brought out of retirement to work in the Met’s Unsolved Crime and Open Case squad, has just been filmed.

Alun Armstrong, who plays “oddball” Brian Lane in the show, told the Radio Times: “We tend to come up against the BBC mainly when there are edicts and memos and script changes, which we never get to discuss.”

Dennis Waterman, who plays Gerry Standing in the show, added: “We play the game of, ‘was this written by the writer or a BBC executive?'”

James Bolam, who stars as distinguished detective Jack Halford, added: “And we can always tell.”

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