Microsoft Abandons Integrity & Bends Over for Chinese Censorship

Microsoft has once again proven that the only thing that matters to them is the bottom-line profit. Forget integrity and morality. Forget standing up for what is right. Microsoft’s upcoming deal with Chinese search provider Baidu makes them an accomplice to continued internet censorship and tramples over human rights.

According to an IDG report, Baidu is currently sitting on an 80% share of the Chinese search engine market. Adding Microsoft to the English language results through Bing “may boost its share even higher.” Microsoft will comply with the oppressive regime, filtering out results relating to political dissidents and pornography to name a few.

The New York Times also writes:

new English-language search results will undoubtedly be censored, since Beijing maintains strict controls over Internet companies and requires those operating on the mainland to censor results the government deems dangerous or troublesome, including references to human rights issues and dissidents.

In a response to The New York Times piece, Microsoft states:

Microsoft respects and follows laws and regulations in every country where we run business. We operate in China in a manner that both respects local authority and culture and makes clear that we have differences of opinion with official content management policies.

In other words, Microsoft is just fine with censoring search results regardless whether or not the company agrees with the regime’s policies.

Google did the right thing by refusing to compromise the integrity of their product. They pulled out of mainland China, unwilling to give in to the requirements of the Chinese censorship policies. Google decided that morality, integrity, and human rights were more valuable to them than the bottom line. Come on Microsoft, get with the program!

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5 comments on “Microsoft Abandons Integrity & Bends Over for Chinese Censorship
  1. kidsilver says:

    I would like to ask you why you believe you are right and China is wrong. China is a soverign state, and it will do as it pleases.

    I would also like to remind you that Microsoft is not just a search engine like Google, and it has been operating in China for decades, providing software such as Windows, Office, Sharepoint, Exchange in order for the country to run. If Microsoft were going to ‘pull out’ they would have to pull out by removing all of these services. This would cause the Chinese economy to fall apart. This would then lead to the US ecomomy to literally explode. You would not have chairs to sit on, cars to drive, etc etc. You will all probably starve to death.

    Lets also not forget that most electronic devices and made (in whole or part) in China, and without Microsofts intellectual property being actively licensed to Chinese companies, you would not have any computers, laptops, iphones, ANYTHING.

    Sure, censorship is a pain in the backside, but Microsoft is not abandoning Integrity, it is empowering idiots like you to use computers BUILT in China, using MICROSOFT software (regardless of if you are using Windows or not, there are pieces of Microsoft in everything) to waste your right to freedom of speech.

  2. Sean says:

    Yes, what you say is true about the software and hardware that is built in China. And yes, China is a sovereign state that can do as it pleases. I was not debating that fact…go ahead China, do whatever you want. It still does not change the fact that China is an oppressive regime, and the government silences the people’s basic human right to freedom of speech.

    Microsoft had a choice to either grow some balls and stand up for what is right, or to just take the bottom line. They chose the latter, and so be it. They have the freedom to do as they wish. They are sellouts. Period.

    As far as my freedom of speech is concerned, I am certainly not wasting it. I exercise mine every single day. And if you don’t like what I have to say, I don’t really care. At least I have the right to say it…as everyone should have.

    By the way, you should try using spell-check before posting. You might end up looking like an idiot.

    And one more thing…FUCK MICROSOFT & CHINA!

  3. […] Microsoft Abandons Integrity & Bends Over for Chinese Censorship ( […]

  4. kidsilver says:

    Probably a bit too late, but basically, you provide no real solution. Microsoft can not, and will not, pull out of China.

    Regarding ‘selling out’ … of course Microsoft is a sellout, they care about their bottom line, and bottom line only. That basically is the definition of a corporation. They were born and raised in a capitalist environment after all.

    Besides, under that logic, basically every US corporation is a ‘sellout’ – I dont think there is a single US company that can function without the help of China, be it labour, manufacturing, research, whatever.

    Is MacDonalds a sellout for using cups made in China? or is Apple a sellout for assembling their products in China? is Google a sellout for buying server hardware built in China? The answer to all those questions is yes, but you fail to mention the integrity of the above mentioned companies.

    I think the major issue that you are finding difficult to accept here is that the USA is China’s bitch, and by extension, US companies. China will do what it pleases, and theres not a god damn thing anyone can do about it. Unfortunate, yes, but that is the reality.

    I would also like to add, search engines generally have to filter out stuff governments don’t like… for example, over here in Australia, euthanasia is a problem topic, and when legislation gets through, it will probably be “censored’ … just like if I were to start a jihad extremist site and host it in the USA, it would probably be taken down, and I would probably be waterboarded. But hey, its easier to be a hypocrite, right?

    PS… good work making fun of my typos… I would spell check, if I could, but you probably know as well as anybody that your comment system doesnt have a spell checker. Maybe you should license Microsoft’s spell check technology.

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