Huge Step Towards Gay Rights and Equality

News outlets all over the country are buzzing about the Victory in New York supporting gay rights. Today marks the first day of the new gay marriage law in New York legalizing same-sex marriages.

Here are links to some of the top stories around the internet:

Couples wed on 1st day gay marriage is legal in NY

A gay time for NY marriage

Gay marriage comes to New York

Feinstein: Americans are more open to gay marriage

Couples cheered as gay marriage becomes legal in New York

New York Opens Gay-Marriage Era

New York Gay Marriage Backers To Counter Protest Foes NOM, Westboro On Sunday

Governor to be lead sponsor of gay marriage bill

Town clerks ready to help gay couples prepare for wedding

New ministers ordained to officiate at same-sex weddings around New York

Same-sex couples say ‘I do’ for first time in Brookhaven

Greenburgh Celebrates Gay Marriage on Sunday

On Capitol Hill, senators hear gay couples testify about marriage equality …

Westboro to Rally Against Gay Marriage in NYC Sunday (Fuck Westboro!)

Activist, Unplugged from the Matrix. Action for Freedom!

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