Syria: Can Tweets Prevent A Massacre?

Written by Jillian C. York

Following the worst day of violence Syria has seen since protests broke out across the country in February, Syrian opposition and their supporters around the world have begun an attempt to raise global awareness of events in the country, utilizing a hashtag, #RamadanMassacre, that was started on Sunday to keep track of reports from the city of Hama.

@nmoawad, from Lebanon, summed up the purpose of the campaign in a tweet early Monday morning:

Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff depicts Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad atop a tank.

Syrian Twitter user @LeShaque shared his thoughts:

@BachaarArnaout offered a tweet of support to Syrian protesters:

An avatar in remembrance of Sunday's events in Hama, used by Twitter users.

Utilizing an avatar created for remembrance of Sunday’s events in Hama, US-based @ran00n95 posted in solidarity:

@rallaf issued a call to Muslim readers, asking:

But in response to a tweet from @zmossabasha that stated, “A tweet can prevent a massacre!!”, NPR journalist Andy Carvin asked, “Can it?”, echoing the sentiment of many who have suggested that, while social media can most certainly expand awareness, it may have little impact on events in countries like Syria, where the state clearly has the upper hand.

Nevertheless, the campaign continues, as Syrian opposition and their supporters attempt to get the #RamadanMassacre hashtag to trend on Twitter’s trending topics list.

Re-published from GlobalVoices under the Creative Commons License.

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