Censorship in America: Call Your Senators Today and Tell Them To Vote Against Censoring The Internet

As mentioned last week, there’s a big push going on by the MPAA and the US Chamber of Commerce (the largest lobbying organization in the world) to get PROTECT IP voted on and approved in the next few days or weeks. Some in the Senate leadership have decided that with everything else going wrong in the economy these days, they can repackage this as a “jobs” bill, and pretend that they’re “helping the economy.” Of course, nothing is further from the truth. PROTECT IP (PIPA) is a sure jobs killer in that it will significantly hinder innovation on the internet, including those responsible for millions of new jobs over the past decade. On top of that, it will set up the very first massive internet censorship program within the US. It’s hard to see how that’s helpful for jobs at all.

The backers of this bill are hoping that since SOPA is even worse than PIPA, there will be less protest and some may see it as a “compromise.” That’s ridiculous. It’s a very dangerous bill that will have long-lasting consequences. If you’re an American citizen and believe in the importance of innovation online, today is the day to call your Senators. The folks at Fight for the Future have set up a very easy system to do that. You just put in your info, and it will first give you a quick summary of key points, and then connect you to your Senators. If the Senate realizes that the public really is against this bill, then hopefully they’ll finally dump it.

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  2. Kathy says:

    Yahoo has blacklisted me from news comment. CBS Minnesota filters my comments with a paralyzed shadowed screen since last spring. The New York Times does not make available a comment option for me over six months, approximately. Beyond these, I haven’t attempted frequent input.

    The problem:

    I don’t violate the terms of usage with foul language, deliberate mis-statements, harmful intent to contributing commentors, no obscenity, or failure of the additional terms.

    My intent: To dispell misleading article information where I believe the informatiom is misguiding or negates relevant facts. Additionally, my subjective opinion is shared.

    • Sean says:

      May I suggest that when you find misleading article information in the above mentioned publications that you gather all related information regarding the content in question. Then, visit our website and click on the “contact” link at the top of the page. Submit the information through the form you will find there, and then we can create a post about it. We would, of course, give you all the credit.

      And you are welcome to comment here as much as you wish 🙂

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