Guest Post: Staying Anonymous Online Should not be a Privilege. It Should be a Necessity.

Hi, my name is Brandon, owner of I’ve spent quite a lot of time researching and practicing the art of online anonymity. Whether you live under an oppressive government or a stable democratic government, your privacy does matter.

Here are the basic methods of staying anonymous online:

IP Spoofing

An IP Address is a unique set of numbers that identify every computer on a network. Through one’s IP Address, it’s possible (and quite easy) to find one’s: state, city, postal-code and ISP.

The only way of changing one’s IP is by channeling your connection through another server. Here some ways of doing that:

1. VPNVirtual Private Networks are generally fast, safe, and almost always encrypted. Some examples of decent VPNs that I’ve had success with are: VPNAccounts and IPVanish.

2. Proxy – Proxies (especially free ones) are generally less secure and slower. Proxies only tunnel your Internet traffic. My advise would be: use proxies with caution. Some examples of (safe) proxies are: Anonymouse and My-Addr.

3. Tor – Tor is said to be the most secure (despite the possibility of Man in the Middle attacks) out of all three choices. Tor tunnels your (heavily encrypted) traffic through several servers, AKA “Relays”. Tor also solves the browser footprinting problem.

Browser Footprinting

Your browser gives away a lot information about you. There are two basic options for preventing browser footprinting.

1. Use Tor Browser Bundle. You can download it at

2. Tweak out your regular browser.

How to “Tweak” your regular browser for anonymity:

1. Download Firefox.

2. Disable history and cache.

3. Download a cookie management add-on so you can disable cookies (e.g. Cookie Monster) .

4. Download Adblock Plus and get the EasyPrivacy list.

5. Finally, download Noscript to disable javascript, which can be a security hazard when browsing.

Activist, Unplugged from the Matrix. Action for Freedom!

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4 comments on “Guest Post: Staying Anonymous Online Should not be a Privilege. It Should be a Necessity.
  1. curtisneeley says:

    I fundamentally disagree. Utterly private distant communications will soon be made illegal by the FCC in order to regulate wire communications as ordered regulated by law ALREADY (47 USC §151) for the FCC. All the “hiding processes you list should be illegal.

    Explain why you think there is ever a need to communicate so anonymously?

    Protection for private communications does not require absolute anonymity. Packet request times reveal your unique data stream ID even if these are encrypted.

    The need to identify as an adult will soon be required for viewership of ANY nudity and this identity claim MUST be verifiable. Internet radio and wire communications should be entitled to no more privacy than telephones have now.

    The courts were mostly n error suggesting my case be dismissed. This error s objected to with a new less rambling complaint.

    Click to access 18.pdf

    Click to access Objection%20to%20Report%20and%20Recomendations.pdf

    Click to access booklet-complaint__7-23-2012.pdf

    Censorship in America is required by LAW and not a curse.

    This legal case may soon fail but at least it was done.

  2. curtisneeley says:

    My legal case succeeded in winning every single battle, while losing the war. I understand the need to express ideas or views anonymously but do not believe pornography should be allowed viewed by the anonymous, as is illegal today.
    The FCC acknowledged”online” is just Title II common core communications as demanded but have failed to make this carrier safe.

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