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Who Will Be The First Politician To Be GoDaddy’d?

| By Mike Masnick | Sourced from TechDirt | Having GoDaddy back off its support for SOPA/PIPA is one thing, but it hardly kills off these bills. Politicians are still very much in support of the bills, and both bills are

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Internet Censorship: Lamar Smith Still Thinks It’s Just Google That Opposes SOPA / PIPA

| By Mike Masnick | Sourced from TechDirt| It’s really quite stunning to watch Lamar Smith pull out really out-dated talking points as he gets more and more desperate to defend SOPA, as he discovers that all the vaunted “support”

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Congressional Investigations Into Censorship Begins

Sourced from TechDirt By Mike Masnick If the Justice Department hoped that it could seize the domain of a hip hop blog for over a year with no due process and then return it quietly and pretend nothing had happened,

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Censorship: Seven Detained Over Kadeer DVDs

Chinese police say they were in possession of a documentary featuring the exiled Uyghur leader. Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have detained seven ethnic minority Uyghurs after police raids confiscated DVDs featuring exiled Uyghur businesswoman Rebiya

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LGBT Rights: US Policy on Gays Draws Strong, Mixed Reactions

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, December 8, 2011. The Obama administration’s announcement that it will combat efforts abroad to criminalize homosexual conduct is drawing criticism from U.S. conservatives, and praise from gay and human rights activists. Secretary of State

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Chinese Activist Warned Off Foreign Media

But government threats are unlikely to silence China’s rights activists, some analysts say. Authorities in Beijing have warned civil rights campaigner Hu Jia not to give any more interviews to foreign media organizations and to stay away from further activism.

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How Bank of America Covered Up Fraud by Silencing Whistleblowers

IWatch News / By Michael Hudson Countrywide made life hard for an internal investigator, and a court ruled that when BofA took over, she was illegally fired in retaliation. In the summer of 2007, a team of corporate investigators sifted

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China: Party Elders Meet, Debate ‘Culture’, Censorship

China’s Party plenum meets to discuss culture, despite a worsening economic crisis. China’s ruling Communist Party leaders are meeting in Beijing to debate ‘cultural reforms,’ which some interpret as a tightening of control over media and the Internet, ahead of

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Report: Secret US Government Order Targets WikiLeaks Volunteer

A U.S. news report says the U.S. government obtained a secret court order to force Google Inc. and a small Internet provider to hand over information from the e-mail accounts of a WikiLeaks volunteer. A report in The Wall Street

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Skepticism Meets Burma’s Prisoner-Release Plan

Burma has announced it will release thousands of prisoners as part of a general amnesty amid indications that political prisoners could be among those set free. A leading rights group has dismissed the news, though, as a ploy that shows

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