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3 comments on “Contact Us
  1. curtisneeley says:
    Regulation and censorship of the Internet by the FCC is demanded to be done as required by the Communications Act of 1934 and ignored because FCC v Pacifica was misinterpreted from the 1978 ruling followed by the moronic ruling of ACLU v Reno in 1996. One Justice was on the Supreme Court for each SCOTUS case.

  2. philip_wikel says:

    They Don’t Kill Artists Anymore, They Just Steal Their Money

  3. BJ Hutton says:



    Prologue –

    BJ HuttonPeripheral Cyber tech War, is an active component taken to battle, within many nations.

    Privacy targeting, has been a focus point of political, legal and media cased discussions of recent years, thus surrounding ‘Unwarranted’ intrusion and ‘Targeting’ in breaches of ‘Act’, ‘Citizens’.

    Legal peripherals linked below surround the ‘FBI Intelligence Spy’ and ‘CBS Reporter’, of recent affirmed fact to these practices and types of people targeted are the ‘Logical Citizens’ and ‘Controversial Article Writers’, be media associated (paid) and or novice (freedoms of interest).

    Civilians, have been the subject of these ‘Terrorist smite attacks’, an assortment of ‘Digital’ and ‘Physical’, ‘Torment’ and ‘Touchier’, this the everyday psych bombardment.

    This is / was to be dished-out, via use of tactical ‘Sabotage’ to levels end of ‘Treason’, by division and groups, allocated with or without authority to ‘Profile’, selected individuals, to protect salesmanship.

    The aim of this given authority, is to target digital peripheral (computers, mobiles, tablets, websites and emailing) with protocol sanctions, and to inhibit these ‘Citizens’, in ‘Freedom of Liberty and Rights’.

    To financially inhibit, where there is opportunity given, thus is the secondary goal.

    Read Full:

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