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Censorship in America: Senate Demands Answers About Aaron Swartz, But More Must Be Done

Aaron Swartz

Written by Mark Mm. Jaycox – Re-Published from (Creative Commons) Members of Congress continue to demand more answers from the Department of Justice (DOJ) about the aggressive prosecution of the late Aaron Swartz. Yesterday, at a Senate Judiciary Committee

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Congress Tries to Pull a Fast One: SOPA Vote Likely This Week

Some annoying news: As was widely reported last Friday, all indications were that the House Judiciary Committee would delay its vote on SOPA for a few weeks.  Now it looks like they might vote this week, if Congress stays in

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Stand Up and Fight: A Week of Action Against Censorship

By Rainey Reitman When the government claims the right to shut down websites by breaking the Domain Name System and forcing search engines to dump user requests to reach a site, there’s only one word for it: censorship. And when

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Internet Censorship: S.978 Could Put Bieber in Jail

If there’s one bill in Congress that pits people of all political stripes against big corporations and the politicians they fund, S.978 is it. The word around the campfire is that the bill is set to be introduced in The

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Vietnam: Ambassador Urged to Press Rights

Congress members want a greater focus on human rights in Vietnam. More than a dozen U.S. lawmakers have urged the newly appointed American Ambassador to Vietnam to give a higher priority to raising human rights issues in the communist-ruled nation.

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Obama Prepares To Rule By Executive Order

Source: Right Side News – By J.D. Longstreet Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers? In ancient times, the dictators/emperors ruled by proclamation. If they spoke it – it was made to happen.  That is not supposed to happen in a republic, especially

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Internet “Kill Switch” Bill Likely to Pass

Congress may sneak through Internet ‘kill switch’ in defense bill By Daniel Tencer Saturday, August 28th, 2010 — 9:00 pm A federal cybersecurity bill that critics say creates a presidential “kill switch” for the Internet could be added on to

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