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Censorship in America: Who Owns The News?

Daytona 500 - 2013

It went bad at the very end, and started with the #7 car. On the last lap of last Saturday’s NASCAR qualifying heat in Daytona Beach, Florida, the race cars were bunched so tightly together they appeared to be touching.

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DMCA: Horrors of a Broad and Automated Censorship Tool

The DMCA was once drafted to protect the interests of copyright holders, allowing them to take infringing content offline. Today, however, the system is systematically abused by rights-holders as an overboard censorship tool. One third of the notices sent to

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Even Though SOPA / PIPA Are Hot Topics, Remember DMCA Already Has Significant Problems

A number of folks on both sides of the SOPA/PIPA debates have noted the seeming “irony” that the anti-SOPA/PIPA folks keep pointing to the DMCA and complaining about how SOPA/PIPA will undermine the DMCA. After all, many in the tech

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Internet Censorship: What if SOPA / PIPA Become Law?

Threading the Needle by Derek Bambauer Imagine that Ron Wyden fails: either PROTECT IP or SoPA / E-PARASITE passes and is signed into law by President Obama. Advocacy groups such as the EFF would launch an immediate constitutional challenge to

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Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet

Here’s the first installment of our closer review of the massive piece of job-killing Internet regulation that is the Stop Online Piracy Act. We’ll start with how it could impact Twitter, Tumblr, and the next innovative social network, cloud computing,

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Internet Censorship: PROTECT IP Renamed E-PARASITES Act; Would Create The Great Firewall Of America

As was unfortunately expected, the House version of PROTECT IP has been released (embedded below) and it’s ridiculously bad. Despite promises from Rep. Goodlatte, there has been no serious effort to fix the problems of the Senate bill, and it’s

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Copyright As Censorship: Newport Television (Troll) Abusing DMCA To Try To Silence Criticism

Another day, another case of someone abusing copyright law (and the DMCA specifically) to try to stifle criticism. Before we get into the details, let me be clear on one thing: as I was just discussing last week, I don’t

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India Descends Into Extreme Internet Censorship

A year and a half ago, we noted some new laws and plans for laws in India that would likely lead to widespread censorship of the internet in that country, and a commenter on that post just alerted us to

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Fox Tries to Censor Its Own Censorship

Gets caught in a perpetual legal loop! Source: – By Nick Farrell Fox has been caught out trying to use the DMCA to prevent Google from telling the world about its DMCA take-down notices. For a while now Google has

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isoHunt Continues Legal Fight To Thwart MPAA Censorship

Source: TorrentFreak By Ernesto BitTorrent search engine isoHunt is fighting the permanent injunction issued by the District Court of California last summer in their case against the MPAA. isoHunt contests the imposition of a site-wide keyword filter based on a

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