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Internet Censorship: US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Will Roll Out Gradually

Written by Ernesto Re-Published from TorrentFreak under the Creative Commons License. More than a year after the MPAA and RIAA announced their groundbreaking anti-piracy deal with U.S. Internet providers, the first warning letters are yet to be sent out. Previously,

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Internet Censorship: The Wiki Blackout, One Day Later

Just What, If Anything, Did Wednesday’s Protest Achieve? Not content to leave the battle un-joined, the hacker group Anonymous stepped into the SOPA fray Thursday evening by launching a massive denial of service attack on several SOPA supporters, including Universal

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SOPA / PIPA Take a Beating From Activist Groups and YOU!

We’re hearing it from Senate offices, and we’re hearing it from people who’ve been bombarding Washington with calls: The phones in the Capitol have been ringing off the hooks this week. It’s having an impact: just days ago Hollywood’s head

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Even Though SOPA / PIPA Are Hot Topics, Remember DMCA Already Has Significant Problems

A number of folks on both sides of the SOPA/PIPA debates have noted the seeming “irony” that the anti-SOPA/PIPA folks keep pointing to the DMCA and complaining about how SOPA/PIPA will undermine the DMCA. After all, many in the tech

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Censorship in America: Call Your Senators Today and Tell Them To Vote Against Censoring The Internet

As mentioned last week, there’s a big push going on by the MPAA and the US Chamber of Commerce (the largest lobbying organization in the world) to get PROTECT IP voted on and approved in the next few days or

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At least 14 Arrested in ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Bust

According to CNN, a federal government official said at least 14 people connected to the activist hacker group ‘Anonymous‘ were arrested today in a nationwide bust that stretched from California to New Jersey. Early this morning, the FBI executed search warrants

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Technology Trumps ICE Domain Seizures: Browser Plugin Fix Created In Just Days

Source: TechDirt As Homeland Security continues to defend the actions of ICE seizing domains names without real due process or concern for prior restraint, it’s not surprising that technologists are quickly designing systems to route around such hamfisted attempts to

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The Weinstein Company Wants To Censor The King’s Speech

Source: Cinema Blend – By Eric Eisenberg Last month, Harvey Weinstein did something incredible for the film industry. After seeing one of his company’s best films, Blue Valentine, get slapped with an unjust NC-17 rating by the MPAA, he personally

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A Brief, Informal Look at Censorship in Film

About a week ago a friend of mine argued that Hammer horror movies were considered adult fare and were “rated accordingly,” which I knew was demonstrably wrong—at least in America for the first 11 years of the studio’s heyday. Yesterday

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isoHunt Continues Legal Fight To Thwart MPAA Censorship

Source: TorrentFreak By Ernesto BitTorrent search engine isoHunt is fighting the permanent injunction issued by the District Court of California last summer in their case against the MPAA. isoHunt contests the imposition of a site-wide keyword filter based on a

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