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The Ultimate Guide for Tor

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Hello Censorship in America readers! I’m Brandon from I’ve had lots of experience with Tor. I use Tor regularly and I even run a relay! This purpose of this post is to expand everybody’s knowledge of Tor. I’ll try

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Guest Post: Staying Anonymous Online Should not be a Privilege. It Should be a Necessity.

Hi, my name is Brandon, owner of I’ve spent quite a lot of time researching and practicing the art of online anonymity. Whether you live under an oppressive government or a stable democratic government, your privacy does matter. Here

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Internet Censorship: State of the Arms Race Between Repressive Governments and Anti-Censorship Tor Technology

| Sourced from boingboing (Creative Commons) | By Cory Doctorow | Wednesday night’s Chaos Computer Congress (28C3) presentation from Jacob Applebaum and Roger Dingledine on the state of the arms race between the Tor anti-censorship/surveillance technology and the world’s repressive governments

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Encrypt the Web with HTTPS Everywhere

Firefox Extension Defends Against Search Hijacking Schemes and Improves Web Security San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in collaboration with the Tor Project, has launched an official 1.0 version of HTTPS Everywhere, a tool for the Firefox web

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Mass. Company Helps Activists Avoid Online Government Censorship

Source: NECN – By John Moroney Before the Internet was shut down in Egypt on Friday, downloads skyrocketed. The streets of Cairo are filled with voices of dissent while more sophisticated forms of communication have been outlawed – including access

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