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How Bank of America Covered Up Fraud by Silencing Whistleblowers

IWatch News / By Michael Hudson Countrywide made life hard for an internal investigator, and a court ruled that when BofA took over, she was illegally fired in retaliation. In the summer of 2007, a team of corporate investigators sifted

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A Look Back 30 Years: Top 25 Censored News Stories of 1981 – #8. UNION BUSTING WITH BRIEFCASES NOT BLACKJACKS

Union busting conjures up images of violent strike-breakers armed with blackjacks, brass-knuckles, and revolvers, but this is an image of the past. Today, hidden behind a corporate veneer and armed with briefcases, a. new army of union busters, known as

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Jan 5, 1970: The United Mine Workers Killings

The bodies of dissident union leader Jock Yablonski, his wife, and daughter are discovered in their Clarksville, Pennsylvania, farmhouse by Yablonski’s son Kenneth. The family had been dead for nearly a week, killed on New Year’s Eve by killers hired by the United Mine

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