Facebook Censorship = Censorbook

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Facebook is one of the world’s busiest websites, second only to Google, according to Alexa. One would think that with such a diverse, broad reaching audience, Facebook would set a better example for everyone else. Apparently, freedom of expression is not what Facebook is all about. It’s more like, freedom of political correctness, unless you are spamming, then anything goes. And don’t disagree with others too much, or you might be labeled as an “abusive” commenter.

Today The Wall Street Journal reports on one such case.

It would appear that nothing short of a lawsuit will clean things up at Facebook

Update 12/18/2010 I was blocked from commenting on a post on a group that I am a member of. Apparently if a handful of people disagree with someone then they can get Facebook to block them by filing frivolous reports. That is not how it is supposed to work. If a group owner does not like someone they can simply remove them from THEIR group and delete anything they don’t like. Facebook is engaging in blatant censorship and harassment.


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54 comments on “Facebook Censorship = Censorbook
  1. Update 12/19/2010 I have again experienced Facebook censorship in some groups that I was a member of where they labeled valid content as “abusive”. I believe that the case could be made due to Facebook’s advertising and encouraging of individuals to build upon their foundation, ie to invest their time (and money in many cases) and the scope of Facebook’s success in monopoly that a fiduciary duty exists between Facebook and its users or principals. The ongoing Facebook harassment and censorship could rise to the level of a violation of that legal responsibility.

    Bro. Steve Winter


  2. http://www.facebookcensorship.org has been updated with documentation of another major religious censorship event by Facebook on 12-29-2010

    I believe that the case can and NEEDS to be made that Facebook is failing in fiduciary duty to me and others that they are blatantly censoring after having encouraged them to build on the Facebook platform. Privacy failures are not their only problem.

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  4. Even if the Facebook religious and political censorship is an automated result of people falsely “reporting” views they disagree with as “abusive”, Facebook is still responsible for what they unleash upon their customers. Incompetence and laziness are no excuse for Facebook’s failure as a fiduciary to those who believed their advertising and built upon their foundation thereby making Facebook rich and powerful. If their system is allowing automated censorship of unpopular viewpoints by those who disagree that makes it even worse and shows gross negligence by Facebook!

  5. http://www.facebookcensorship.org
    On 1/19/2011 I noticed all of the comments removed, including my own, from one of my music videos that I had uploaded to Facebook


  6. On 1/22/2011 I was again the victim of censorship and harassment when commenting on a post on my own news feed on my home page. I think it really will take a lawsuit to clean up the mess at Facebook. It was the same popup block/threat as is documented previously several times at http://www.facebookcensorship.org

    • Mr. Winter, you have no business accusing anyone of censorship and harassment when you are very guilty of censorship and harassment against other. You, sir, are one who is commonly referred to as a hypocrite in both a Biblical and secular sense.

      To the reader: If you want to garner a little understanding of this cult leader, Steve Winter (he has his own little cult a la Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, et al but lacks the charisma to garner followers — this his cult remains tiny) please see the “Steve Winter FAQ” at http://users.rcn.com/sadams.enteract/winfaq.html

  7. Folks, Steve Winter has been banned from websites, networks, et al for one reason: he violates their ToS (terms of service). Winter feels rules do not apply to him where he is a guest. And when he suffers the consequences of his own actions, he whines and cries, plays the victim card (when he is clearly not the victim) and huffs & puffs with threats of lawsuit (Winter bluffs badly and the handful of times he actually managed to file lawsuits, he didn’t do well).

  8. Carl Mccaskey from Florida against whom I have had to file many criminal complaints over the years for various types of harassment and stalking is another who could not defend the polytheistic garbage that he believes against the Bible so he has resorted to malicious libel, lying and harassment. Of course he continues to lie so I took a couple of minutes to just list a few of the criminal complaints that I filed against him.

    Criminal complaint filed with the Durham Police Dept [IR 98-26609] 4/9/98 against Mr.
    Mccaskey with Nettally being listed as an accessory.

    6/4/98 -6/11/98 two FAXed complaints to the FBI regarding Carl Mccaskey computer

    Durham Police IR 99-13333 regarding denial of service attack from nettally.com.

    12/08/99 Durham, NC Police IR99-82433 Electronic Computer Harassment complaint filed
    against Carl Mccaskey with one Mr. Perrine named as an accessory.

    8/08/2000 Durham, NC Police IR2000-27821 Electronic Computer Stalking/Harassment
    complaint filed against Carl Mccaskey of Tallahassee, FL. I provided the police with several IRC
    logs of recent contacts as evidence.

    10/03/2000 Durham, NC Police IR00-34780 Electronic Computer Stalking/Harassment
    complaint filed against Carl Mccaskey of Tallahassee, FL. I provided the police with IRC logs as

  9. Both the FBI and the Durham PD both informed me years ago that there are NO criminal complaints filed against me by you or anyone else for that matter. Again you bear false witness and offer no proof whatsoever. Typical.

    Folks, please see the “Steve Winter FAQ” at http://users.rcn.com/sadams.enteract/winfaq.html

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  12. Since that vile little deceiver Carl Mccaskey continues to lie so brazenly I have posted some of the actual criminal complaints that I filed against him at http://www.carlmccaskey.com If you have any doubt what a liar he is just have a look for yourself.

    The author of the libelous site he is posting is one Stephen Adams who was another deceiver who could not stand up against the Bible so he also resorted to malicious libel

    • Carl says:

      See the “Steve Winter FAQ” to understand better why he isn’t to be taken seriously (http://users.rcn.com/sadams.enteract/winfaq.html). Think of the fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” but with a cultic angle. Steve Winter has been and remains a vile, evil, wicked little man who desperately wants to be a cult leader a la David Koresh and Jim Jones but lacks the charisma to attract followers.

  13. WOW, speaking of censorship the false-christian scum running the FB wannabe site called Freedom Torch where they falsely advertise their site as “where you can’t be censored or deleted for loving America or standing for truth!”
    especially. Jonathan Cousar are some of the most vile and censorious false-christian scum I have ever encountered. .

    The scum Jonathan Cousar just banned me from there for preaching the truth (after allowing the false-christian scum there to accuse me of being muslim for teaching basic Bible. What a lying, false advertising piece of scum Jonathan Cousar is! What a SNAKE PIT of false-christian filth that site is!

    • Carl says:

      Speaking of hypocrites, Steve Winter is one of the biggest. Case in point…here Steve Winter is whining as usual about being censored when the truth of the matter is Steve Winter refused to follow the rules of the site where he was a guest, kept attacking others (including site administration) and after being warned earned himself a permanent ban. This is what always happens with Steve Winter and inevitably he whines about it and claims he has been censored.

      However, Steve Winter owns and maintains multiple websites including at least one discussion forum website where he censors everyone who doesn’t agree with his position on every issue (expecally theological ones of which Steve Winter hasn’t a clue).

      So Steve Winter is a well-known, proven hypocrite who is double-minded and unstable in all his ways. Don’t buy into Steve Winter’s lies. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of witnesses over the years that give a completely different story than the pity party Steve Winter tries to tell.

      • Carl says:

        Took a look at your posts on that website and it confirmed just as I stated in my post. Your abusiveness and refusal to abide by the website owner’s instructions are what got you booted. Also you threw hissy fits after some there who are much more knowledgeable about Scripture than you refuted you so easily.

        So are you going to threaten to sue them as you have threaten so many with your hollow threats. Your track record on following through with your threatened lawsuits is dismal and the few you have filed, you’ve not won. The last one (that I know of) you lost and then lost a second time on appeal with both judges berating you and your incompetent attorney for wasting the court’s time with your frivilous lawsuit.

        You intimitate no one, Steve, and you are one of the Internet’s jokes.

  14. Carl Mccaskey is one frustrated little false-christian scum. He can’t defend the garbage that he believes against the Bible so he publishes malicious libel and whines. Anyway I have documented some of the criminal complaints against him at http://www.carlmccaskey.com for anyone who would like to know if he is a liar or not. It is not surprising that he would defend a lying scum like
    Jonathan Cousar. Any friend of the devil is a friend of Carl’s.

    Bro. Winter http://www.prime.org

    • Carl says:

      I would like to remind you, Steve, that not a single criminal charge has ever been filed against me by any law enforcement agency especially the Durham PD and the FBI. Both agencies find your complaints to be without merit. In fact the FBI has no record whatsoever of you filing anything with them and the Durham PD have told me no valid criminal complaints have been filed against me. The DPD have long since concluded that you are a habitual filer of frivilous complaint which all have no merit thus they are dismissed upon a cursory examination.

      The fact of the matter is that you were abusive on Cousar’s site and refused to comply with his rules thus you were removed. You suffer the consequences to your actions. That is not censorship at all.

      Furthermore, if anyone is guilty of censorship it is you for you heavily censor your discussion forum website as well as the little blog you run.

      Thus you are a clear hypocrite on the topic of censorship.

  15. Even though my “official” position at Censorship in America is NOT to censor comments, it sounds like you two need to get together and settle things once and for all in person. I like the bantering back and forth, but enough is enough. I’m not telling you what to do, but really?

    And, by the way, as far as the bible is concerned, it has no place in my life whatsoever. It’s just a bunch of words written in a book by MEN, like any other work of literature. It has some good stories, some varying points of view, etc. Feel free to read it all you want, that is after all what this site is about…the freedom to think for yourselves and decide for yourselves what to believe in or not believe in. Just because you a happen to be a “Christian” or “Muslim” or “Hindu” or whatever, doesn’t make you right or wrong, any more than my being an athiest makes me right or wrong. It’s what we DO that makes us who we are. Regards.

    • Carl says:

      I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I diagree with you on your view on the Bible so we will have to agree to disagree. As to your suggestion that Mr. Winter and I get together face-to-face, that would be difficult since he is in North Carolina and I am in Florida. Furthermore, he has attempted to sue me along with a lengthy list of people simply for disagreeing with his false theology and for refuting him so often (see: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html). However I will take your advice and suggestions into consideration. I have made my point with supporting evidence while Mr. Winter continues to reveal his vile nature for the world to see.

  16. Carl says:

    Sean, no offense taken. We have differing opinions on the Bible. I can live with that. I believe I am a rational individual and do not condemn for different opinions.

    I am glad you are looking at the links I provided. Thank you.

  17. Carl Mccaskey is a scum who has been stalking me for years and has managed to trash this thread with his malicious libel. I have documented some of the criminal complaints that he is lying about at http://www.carlmccaskey.com

    I made a positive contribution to this thread but what this little scum Mccaskey is doing is nothing more than vandalism.

    Bro. Winter

    • Carl says:


      Let’s see…you created a website bearing my name without my permission for the sole purpose of character assassination and defamation of character. Fits the clinical definition of obsessive and legal definition (in North Carolina) of stalking. You went to several of my reviews on Amazon for products of which you have no connection and left more defamatory comments and flat-out lies. You’ve gotten banned from various places for making libelous claims about me and others.

      And you have the gall to claim I’m stalking YOU?!? ROTFL!!! What a joke!

      If you could have proven to law enforcement this claim that I am stalking you they would have taken action. Since no law enforcement agency has, it become clear that your claim is without merit (as usual) and is only presented as defamation.

      The Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

  18. As consistently, i enjoy to read all of your post. :-:,;~

  19. Update 4/1/2011 at http://www.facebookcensorship.org I have noticed a new more insidious aspect of Facebook censorship. Sometimes while leaving a comment to a wall post it looks like it is saving it but when you do a refresh of the page it is not there. No notice, no threat, the comment simply disappears.

    Upon further research I have determined that the phrase being censored is this:

    Real Acts 2:38 Christians and ministers on Facebook

    This is a valid Facebook group that I admin with almost 2000 members.

    • Carl says:


      Steve Winter is one of the most notorious employers of censorship on the web. He regularly censors others on his websites and forums. So his whinings about being censored is the height of hypocrisy.

      The Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

    • Carl says:

      Oh, by the way, Steve Winter routinely engages in censorship on the Facebook group that he admins. So don’t let his “victim” act fool you.

  20. I really don’t know why Sean Hamilton is allowing this little scum Carl Mccaskey to vandalize very real reports of Facebook censorship. I have documented some of Carl Mccaskey’s criminal activity at http://www.carlmccaskey.com in case anyone doubts what a liar he is.

  21. Update 4/10/2011 The following was censored by Facebook as I tried to publish it as a comment to a Christian news post that appeared on MY personal wall.

    FB has serious issues with censorship and have even been censoring Bible
    verses from wall comments. See http://www.facebookcensorship.com for
    some specific examples. People can ban whoever they wish from their
    groups as it should be but when FB is censoring on behalf of mobs of
    cultists that is a problem.

    • Carl says:

      I remind the reader that Steve Winter routinely engages in censorship on his websites, blogs, Facebook pages, et al. so his complaints are hypocritical. Also Steve Winter has a long history of violating terms of service on many, many sites and when he is removed from those sites he always cries “censorship” when in fact he is responsible for being removed and censorship hasn’t taken place. This is what is actually going on on Facebook but Steve Winter doesn’t want you to know that dirty little secret. Anyone familiar with Mr. Winter knows this to be true.

      For example, on one of Mr. Winter’s blogs he claims FaceBook is censoring people from posting Bible verses. That is a lie because I and my Christian brethren have no problems posting Bible passages on FaceBook.

      Finally for the benefit of those not familiar with Mr. Winter and his escapades and shenanigans please read the Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

  22. I really don’t know why Sean Hamilton is allowing this little scum Carl Mccaskey to vandalize very real reports of Facebook censorship. I have documented some of Carl Mccaskey’s criminal activity at http://www.carlmccaskey.com in case anyone doubts what a liar he is.

    What this scum Carl Mccaskey and other scum like the trash Stephen Adams whose libelous website he promotes tried to do was censor me through harassment and malicious libel kind of like the little scum is doing here.

    Too bad that Sean Hamilton is too incompetent to see what the little scum is doing and how his credibility is also being trashed by what he is allowing here.

  23. Carl says:

    Now you are badmouthing the site administrator/owner which may lead you to being banned once again. And then you will hypocritically and falsely claim censorship where none occurred. You are making my points for me.

    Furthermore, I have committed no criminal activity nor can you prove that I have. The frivilous police reports you filed and which were subsequently filed away as dismissed prove only that you file frivilous police reports, none of which result in any criminal charges. So you lie again.

    For the benefit of those not familiar with Mr. Winter and his escapades and shenanigans please read the Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

  24. If Carl Mccaskey was not such a vile lying scum I would have not needed to document his criminal activity harassment and stalking at http://www.carlmccaskey.com

    He is a very frustrated sick obsessed little false-christian scum because he can’t even begin to really defend the garbage he believes against a real preacher, just like Stephen Adams who publishes the malicious libel site that Mccaskey mentions.

    • Carl says:

      Steve, you’ve documented no criminal activity on my part only the fact that you filed frivilous police reports that the officer is obliged to take from you but at no time has any criminal charges been filed against me by any law enforcement agency anywhere on this planet.

      So you are lying once again.

      And you are no “real preacher” but a self-proclaimed “Reverend” and “Pastor” with no legitimate credentials and/or qualifications and no legitimate congregation. You are a fraud, sir, of whom I have easily refuted countless times over the years starting in the BBS days to as recently as a few years ago. If you wish to be embarrassed again, I am always available on the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) forums and will be more than willing and able to refute, rebuke, and rebut you once again with the whole of Scripture. You up to it? Or are you going to bluster and bloviate once again in your typical cowardly fashion? I contend you don’t have the cajones. And I know you wouldn’t have the self-control to follow the rules CARM has for participation.

      Furthermore, if you could prove libel on Stephen Adams’ part you would have a case, but you don’t have a case so all you can do is lie about that as well.

      Mr. Winter, you are nothing more than a liar, a bully, a censor, a hypocrite, an evil little satanic man of no importance as well as a whole host of wicked things. But the one thing you are not, sir, is Christian.

      You have been once again challenged, sir, and I contend you are too cowardly to accept it and if you do you don’t have the integrity to comply with the rules of the forums at CARM.

      For the benefit of those not familiar with Mr. Winter and his escapades and shenanigans please read the Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

  25. Carl says:

    Oh, just so you don’t have to strain your brain, the URL to the CARM forums is http://forums.carm.org/vbb/forum.php

  26. You really have to wonder what kind of ignorant net scum is running this page to allow this scum Carl Mccaskey to trash it

    • Carl says:

      You are guilty of what you falsely accuse others, Steve. This makes you a hypocrite by Biblical standards.

      The challenge remains open but I don’t see you accepting it. Perhaps you aren’t as confident as you wish others to believe?

      The URL to the CARM forums is http://forums.carm.org/vbb/forum.php

      Anytime, heretic, anytime.

      For the benefit of those not familiar with Mr. Winter and his escapades and shenanigans please read the Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

  27. Carl says:

    My apologies for Mr. Hamilton for responding to Mr. Winter but I really cannot allow his slander to go unanswered. I am offering my challenge in hopes of getting Mr. Winter to go to CARM and to see how well his boasts stack up to reality. Hopefully that will alleviate his abuse on this site for at least a while.

  28. Carl says:

    C’mon, Steve…put up or shut up…
    I await you at the CARM forums.

  29. Carl says:

    Time to put up or shut up, Winter. I await you at the CARM forums. Are you man enough to show? You brag at how much of a preacher you are even though the reality shows how poor of a preacher you are. What are you waiting for? You fear lil’ ol’ me?

    Here’s the URL:

    Bring it!

  30. I am astounded at the incompetence of the scum running this site to allow this scum Carl Mccaskey to trash it. http://www.carlmccaskey.com

    I am not online to debate scum like Carl Mccaskey or any other devil. I am here to expose them for the scum that they are. CARM is a putrid sewer of Satanic false-christian filth. There is nothing whatsoever to respect about Carl Mccaskey or the scum at CARM!

    • Carl says:

      Yeah, that’s what I thought…Steve Winter, a bully, a liar, a hypocrite, a censor, and a coward.

      You claim I cannot defend my Christian theology. I’ve done so very well and refuted your heresies many, many times starting with the BBS days, through FidoNet and Usenet. You ran away with your tail tucked between your legs. All you can do now is yap-yap-yap with your insults and lies but are so cowardly that you refuse to actually DO something and accept my challenge. Let the reader note that Winter has shown his cowardice once again.

      For the benefit of those not familiar with Mr. Winter and his escapades and shenanigans please read the Steve Winter FAQ: http://adamsemail.net/winter/winfaq.html

      You lose again, Stevie Ray.

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  32. Nice post about Facebook Censorship = Censorbook « Censorship in America. I am very impressed with the time and effort you have put into writing this story. I will give you a link on my social media blog. All the best!

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