Censor Protesters Hope For New Ruling

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Mark Knopfler playing his custom Pensa MK-2 on...

Mark Knopfler playing his custom Pensa MK-2 on tour at the NAC in Ottawa

Source: Toronto Sun – By Althia Raj, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA — Two radio stations, which flouted a censorship watchdog’s ruling and aired the unedited verison of a Dire Straits’ song repeatedly Friday, believe a complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) could trigger a review of the Canada-wide ban.

“I think it is absolutely possible they would rule differently because our defence would be entirely different,” said Patrick Cardinal, head of programming for Newcap Alberta, the group that owns Edmonton’s classic rock station K97 that aired ‘Money for Nothing’ Friday night.

“We have aired the song for 26 years … It is a song steeped in irony, steeped in satire and there is a huge context for why (the singer) says what he does,” Cardinal explained.

“The song is basically (about two delivery men) making comments about Motley Crue and rock stars and musicians in general, and Mark Knopfler wrote down the comments and created a song about it in the character of one of those delivery men — not dissimilar to the character of Archie Bunker in All in The Family,” Cardinal said.

“His objective was not to ridicule the LGBT community, it was to ridicule the attitudes of people like that and believe who would use a word like that.”

The CBSC released a ruling Wednesday the song’s use of the word “faggot” breached its code of ethics, after a listener in Newfoundland complained.

All private radio-stations in Canada have since been told to stop airing unedited versions of ‘Money for Nothing’.

Q104 Koool FM, the Halifax Newcap radio station, also aired the song’s unedited version for an hour Friday night.

J.C. Douglas, director of programming at Q104, said he believes Newfoundland radio station CHOZ-FM – that was the subject of the original complaint – failed to properly explain the song’s context to the CBSC.

Douglas said some 15 to 20 people complained about the station’s decision to air the uncut song. But those comments were dwarfed by approximately 1,000 e-mails and phone calls supportive of the protest, he said.

Douglas said it was “entirely likely and it is not altogether unwelcomed” an angry listener would log a complaint against Q104 with the CBSC.

“We would look forward to having an opportunity to defend our airing of the original unedited version of the song,” he said. “Maybe it would be sober second-thought.”

Ronald Cohen, the CBSC’s national chair, told QMI Agency Friday if new complaints were received, either the same Atlantic regional panel – which made the initial ruling – or the Prairie regional panel would have to rule again.

Although it has never happened, Cohenn said it was “possible” but “unlikely” a new decision could be reached.




Although there is no formal mechanism for the public to request a review of the CBSC’s decision, Canadians can contact both the CBSC and the CRTC.


1-866-696-4718 or 613-233-4607

E-mail Ronald Cohen at ron.cohen@cbsc.ca



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2 comments on “Censor Protesters Hope For New Ruling
  1. Bob says:

    I also wrote a piece on this dark day in Canadian History.
    I can’t get over the reaction that the public has been generating since the council’s decision. People here know right from wrong and the CBSC has it backwards.


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