Internet Censorship: Senator Wyden Demands Answers About Feds’ Seizure Of Dajaz1

Senator Ron Wyden

| By Mike Masnick | Sourced from TechDirt |

If the feds thought that they could seize the blog, hold it for a year in secret, then return it and pretend nothing really happened… it appears they may be in for a bit of a surprise. Senator Ron Wyden has begun his investigation into the matter, sending detailed requests for information from Attorney General Eric Holder, ICE director John Morton and White House IP Czar Victoria Espinel. You can see the three letters embedded below. There are a lot of questions to each of them, with a big focus on who they were talking to about the seizures (e.g., the RIAA) and what they were saying. They also ask questions about the legal basis for the seizures and even the training and procedures involved. I’ll certainly be interested to see the replies when they come in…

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