Special Report: New Quantum Structure of the Universe #OccupyAtlanta #OTB

Occupy Atlanta

Undated photograph of Occupy Atlanta protests.

Did anyone suggest Occupy was full of brain dead down and out bums.  Send that person this way, and do ask them to explain the following document.  It’s time, we STOPPED begging the elite for the answers, and starting WRITING and DISTRIBUTING the key insights and intel; ourselves.

F*CK THEIR SYSTEM that DOES NOT WORK to even distribute knowledge already paid for by the people, but instead, uses the organs of the State, to crush anyone who attempts to liberate knowledge, to where it is NEEDED; with the PEOPLE, the PEOPLE, who paid for it!  In short, it’s time …


Our  planet, OUR SCIENCE; not the elites’; the CRIMINAL CROOKED elites, busy TRASHING planet earth, losing EVERYTHING they have in their CRIMINAL SCHEMES to DEFRAUD the ENTIRE PLANET, like with LIBOR.  It’s time we DUMPED WHAT WE KNEW FOLKS, like this leader, Occupy Atlanta! 🙂  HOORAY!!!!

Be the fourty second person on planet earth to find out the proposed ….


Quantum Structure , A Paper by Jonathan Tooker. Occupy Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 30338 (Dated: February 7, 2013)


NOTICE: This post is a re-publish from the original found HERE. This material was re-published with permission of the site owner. This is an attempt to reach as many people as possible! Please share this information on your social networks, blogs, and everywhere. Thank you.

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One comment on “Special Report: New Quantum Structure of the Universe #OccupyAtlanta #OTB
  1. mikael says:

    Do you want to know, read this:

    I am awed.
    This is the first time I have read something diffrent than the recircled drivel from the sientific comunety or whatt ever they call them self, inqisitours is closer.

    They dont want you to even perive this, and they are liying about Zero point energy a.s.o.

    Why, look around your self, how would bennefitt from a magnetic/energetic zero point generator, without anything even remotely dangreous as Nuclear ind. wett freams.
    Its all out there, but cept at a level caled “are you an idiot” that actualy belive in this, energy for and from nothing, only using the latest knowledge and physics.
    Why hughe and insanly coutsly and dangerous to animals, the Windmill, when we can wrapp something into the sice of an ordinary generator.
    The country/company that buldes this first, will be insanly profitable, and the invrioument impackt, unpresedented, but no.

    What the f…. is going on.


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