China Squeezes the Life Out of the Internet

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked in China.

China has established a new government agency to verify information on the Internet.

The State of Internet Information Office will be responsible for a number of directions of lower rank.

The new configuration allows the government to tighten up the content available to Chinese Internet users in the country.

Beijing takes advantage of the vast Internet censorship, dubbed the “Great Firewall of China.” Web sites deemed sensitive by the government are routinely blocked.

The Chinese government has done a lot of resources for monitoring and censorship of Internet content, and its citizens.

Until now, the responsibility rested with the Information Office of the country and very few other organizations through various government departments.

He was often fighting each attempted to exercise the power of what was permissible on the Internet, online games, and politically sensitive content.

The newly created Internet Information Office provides technical and policy controls on the Internet under one body, Information Minister Wang Chen, who is responsible.

This actually strengthens his ministry more than other agencies.

This indicates that the news and information online, new media and Internet companies are likely to include stricter controls, such as government clamps on dissent after Jasmine revolution in the Middle East and North Africa.

At the same time, the government hopes to use the Internet to promote themselves at home and abroad.

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